Hades Bone Hydra Boss Guide: How To Beat Bone Hydra

Have an upper hand in the boss battle.

After a long test run, Hades is finally released on Nintendo Switch. The game, similar to several other action-packed games, sports various elements and bosses to fight against. The first boss that players will stumble upon in the game is Lernaean Bone Hydra. In this Hades Bone Hydra boss guide, we will walk you through everything that you need to know about the boss. We will begin with who is Bone Hydra, then move onto the fight arena, strategy to defeat the boss, and the reward on defeating him. So let’s cut out the crap and begin this Hades Bone Hydra boss guide.

Who is Bone Hydra?

As mentioned, Lernaean Bone Hydra is the first boss that you will encounter in Hades. He was defeated by Hercules during his mythical trials. Since then, his skeletal remainings roam in Asphodel hampering the progress of Hades players. He is spawned during the 24th room of Asphodel. Bone Hydra roams around only in the territory of Asphodel and uses a mix of attacks to stop you from progressing in the game. If you want to go ahead, you will first have to defeat him.

What is the Battle Arena Like?

The battle arena is covered with Lava. So you will have only certain land areas where you can fight the boss. If by any means you get into the lava, Zagreus will slowly burn down, making Bone Hydra the winner of the fight.

What are the Attacks That Lernaean Bone Hydra Uses?

The Lernaean Bone Hydra uses a specific set of attacks. Below listed are all the attacks that Bone Hydra can use on you.

Bite: If Zagreus is close to Bone Hydra, he will pull him back and chomp at him causing a bite. The additional heads of Bone Hydra (we will be talking about them shortly) will also perform these basic attack.

Flame Volley: He will eject fireballs from his mouth.

Lava Spit: This is a ranged attack. Bone Hydra will spit lava that will temporarily cover the ground into lava shortening the battle arena.

Ground Pound: When Zagreus is within the melee range, Bone Hydra will constantly pound his head into the ground, causing damage to him.

Seeking Flames: This is a rare attack and not frequently used, but it is also a dangerous attack. Bone Hydra will fire purple-colored flames on you. These crescent-shaped flames can track you and gather onto you making it challenging to avoid them.

Skeletal Head Summoning or the Fight Phases

Your fight with the Bone Hydra can be divided into three phases. That’s because he will fight with you in three different ways. First, he will fight against you himself. He will spit flames on you and try the Bite and Ground Pound attacks on you. You should always keep on the move during this time to avoid getting into his hands. Having ranged attack options will be helpful here.

Once his health drops down to 66%, the second phase will begin. For the next phase, he will summon skeletal heads, the ones that we talked earlier during the discussion about the Bite attack. He will summon 3 heads that will be an exact copy and use same attacks like him and he will get two more heads. So a total of five heads will attack to stop you. You will have to defeat all these heads before you can start dealing damage to Bone Hydra again.

When Bone Hydra’s health goes down to 33%, the third phase of the fight will start. During the third phase, Bone Hydra will summon twice the number of heads. Hence, you need to be very agile here to make it until the very end of the fight.

What Should be the Fight Strategy to Defeat Bone Hydra in Hades?

All that you need to beat Lernaean Bone Hydra boss is to be mobile and agile. You should also always be aware of your surroundings as the summoned heads will attack you from the back. If you are both agile and aware of the surroundings than you can use any strategy according to your game style to defeat the boss. However, I have mentioned below my personal favorite skills that makes it to my strategy for defeating Bone Hydra. Your choice, of course, depends upon the skills that you have as in Hades, you have to unlock skills first before being able to use them.

Ares Blade Dash & Slicing Shot

Ares Blade Dash and Slicing Shot can together turn the tables around for you. The former skill allows you to throw blades around the skull and take down enemies real quick.

If slicing shot is not available with you then Demeter’s Crystal Beam Casting skill can replace it. This combination won’t be that deadly as the earlier one, but it can still work in your favor.

Zeus Lightning Strike

It is a basic chain lightning attack that is great for bursting DPS.

Frost Strike

Frost Strike is also a basic attack that emits chills causing the skulls to freeze before they can act.

Varatha, The Eternal Spear

It is a spear attack that is lightning fast and has a decent range.

Adamant Rail

It is a firing attack with quick-firing consistency and can deal damage from a range.

What is the Reward For Defeating Bone Hydra in Hades?

Defeating and killing the Lernaean Bone Hydra gives you one Diamond. The number might sound very low, but finding a Diamond in Hades is extremely and getting even one is a huge reward to fight for. This Diamond can also be used for unlocking new construction options via the contractor. It will also allow you to progress further in the game.

If you beat the Hades once, you can come back and defeat Bone Hydra again in the Pact of Punishment: Extreme Measures to get another Diamond. However, for getting a Diamond during the Pact of Punishment, you will have to slay Bone Hydra with a weapon at higher heat.

How to Defeat Bone Hydra in Pact of Punishment: Extreme Measures

If you have defeated Hades at least once, you can access the game back in the Pact of Punishment mode. This time the attacks of Hydras and his summoning capability will all remain the same. The only change will be in the arena.

In the Pact of Punishment, the battle arena becomes smaller and the area of lava increases. This will not cause much trouble while fighting Bone Hydra alone. The main challenge would start when he will summon additional heads. Due to the less area to move around, it will be very difficult to deal with the additional heads and Bone Hydra himself at the same time.

That ends our Hades Bone Hydra Boss Guide. Now you know everything about how to defeat Bone Hydra in Hades. You can also opt to go for Duo Boons while entering the fight with Bone Hydra. Duo Boons can make Zagreus much stronger and help him defeat the boss. There’s another boss named Charon that you can fight in Hades. The fight with Charon can be started only in a secretive way. You can read about that secret in our guide.