How to start Secret Boss Fight & Defeat Charon in Hades?

Charon is a boatman in river Styx and he is one of the secret bosses in Hades. There is a way to trigger a boss fight, and you will help to beat this boss.

Hades is full of secrets, some bosses will be right on your face but won’t attack you. Locked with a secret you have to uncover the mystery to trigger the fight. Charon is one of the hidden bosses of Hades. The boatman on river Styx helps the souls to reach the underworld. Charon act as a shopkeeper in the game. You can buy healing items, power-ups and boon form him. Each cost an Obols that you will during different missions. Obol is one of the in-game currency like Titan Blood, which is used to upgrade weapons.

How to start Charon Boss Fight in Hades?

The first thing to do is to locate a room with Charon’s symbol in them. Look for satchel filled with a skull, you will find them beside the Temple of Styx. Just keep investigating the shopkeeper until you find a symbol behind him. Something similar to the skull satchel. You will see a message on the screen about borrowing 300 Gold.

Just do this and Zagreus will be teleported to a special arena in Erebus. This is where the Charon boss fight begins. Remember to borrow the gold and this the only way to fight Charon in Hades.

How to defeat Charon in  Hades?

Watch for various attacks by the boss, this is a way to figure out what to dodge when required. Charon uses a different type of attacks, a list is below. Some of these attacks are lethal and can cause high damage. It is necessary to dodge them and plan your attack accordingly.

  1. Stun: Charon will cast AoE stun. It will freeze for some seconds.
  2. Lunging Scythe Attack: Charon will attack with his spear.
  3. Void Clouds: Charon will cast purple clouds that will travel towards you. Attack with high damage, if you are unable to dodge this you will loose -40 hp.
  4. Void Flare: Void Clouds that will chase you and Charon will cast Void Flare attack.

Tips to Fight Charon:

There are many pillars in the arena, you can hide behind them to avoid the incoming attack. Like one from the Void Clouds. You will have to destroy these pillars to reduce Charon’s health. This puts you in the dual challenge, first dodging attacks, and second destroying the pillars.

Never stay in one location, Charon attacks can be evaded if you are moving around. Even the void clouds are easy to dodge, but if you stick to one place you will lose health. Keep running around and use a dash to move fast. After destroying most of the pillars Charon will summon a lot of void clouds. These clouds will swarm to your direction, keep moving around.

Charon will continue his attacks, a few can cause high damage. But it is best to keep moving and then throwing attacks when you have a window. You will have to keep hitting him until no health is left. This will take time but be mobile. Stay moving around, the void clouds are a pain in this fight. Moving around is the only solution, and making your way near to the boss hitting him is another challenge.

What will you get after defeating Charon in Hades?

Defeating Charon will reward you with a 20% discount on the item shop. You will also earn the gold you borrowed from Charon. You will be teleported to the next chamber where you get to fight a mini-boss if you have enough health left. There are decent rewards after beating Charon in Hades.

Remember the points, keep moving around. Avoid staying in one place and plan your attack accordingly. Defeating the secret boss in Hades will reward you with Gold and permanent shop discount on various items.