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How to Get Titan Blood Easily in Hades & How to use Titan Blood?

How to Get Titan Blood Easily in Hades & How to use Titan Blood?

Titan Blood is an important currency in Hades, there is a way to get this in the game. If you are finding it hard to find then this guide will help you. Titan Blood is an important part of the game allowing you to upgrade weapons. To get stronger weapons you will have to get Titan Blood in Hades, and here is a guide on how to farm this important currency.

How to farm Titan Blood in Hades?

Defeat the first boss in Hades to get Titan Blood. The first name is Megara and she is located in Tartarus. Defeating her will give you an opportunity to farm some Titan Blood in Hades. It is necessary to use it wisely it is not like you are going to get a lot of Titan Blood easily. Other than beating bosses there are few more ways to farm Titan Blood in Hades.

You can beat Megara one more time with some different weapons. Using a new weapon to defeat the boss unlocks a new reward. Defeating her for the first time will reward you with Titan blood. Remember this to grab some new rewards associated with the weapon you are using.

Another way to farm Titan Blood in Hades is by defeating Hades himself. You will surely get a drop of blood after the boss falls. You can apply the same strategy of using different weapons to kill Hades and farm Titan blood in the game.

If you are finding fighting bosses tough then there is one safer way to get Titan Blood. You can buy this from the shop. Go to the lounge from Zagreus’ bedroom, in the shop look for items to trade. Chances are there you will find blood drops in the store. This will not be a cheap deal.

The last and final way to get Titan Blood in Hades is by playing the challenges found in Prophecy Table. You can unlock this via the house contracted next to Hades. Prophecy table will be unlocked after a short while in the game, challenge list on this will be your only choice to earn different currencies in Hades.

Different Ways to earn Titan Bloods:

  1. Beat Furies
  2. Collect Bounty for escaping Tartarus
  3. Beat the final boss
  4. Collect a bounty escaping the Temple of Styx
  5. Earn 29 Blood by completing prophecies from Fated list of Minor Prophecies
  6. Trade with Wretched Broker.
  7. You can also trade Titan Blood for different items like get 15 keys for 1 Titan Blood or get 1000 Gemstone or 100 Chthonic Key or 20 Nectar or 2 Diamond or 1 Ambrosia for a single drop of blood.
  8. Buy Titan Blood from Charon’s Shop in Temple of Styx. Cost 1500 Obols.

How to use Titan Blood in Hades?

You can upgrade 6 different weapons in Hades using Titan Blood. Each weapon feature four aspects and they can only be unlocked via Titan Blood. So upgrade is not possible without this valuable currency. Keep the currency saved and use them when required, avoid dealing it against unnecessary items.

It is best to save Titan Blood for weapon upgrade that can later help you to deal with stronger bosses. You can then beat them to farm more in Hades. Most of the weapon upgrades unlocked via Titan Blood is permanent. For example more damage, or better speed. Everything is useful in a single run.