How To Fish In Hades | Fishing In Hades

Learn how to fish in Hades to play the nice mini-game.

Fishing was not available in Hades until the Long Winter update patch. It is now added as a minigame in the dangerous underworld. Catching fish during this mini-game can also yield some great rewards. Players can now find pools scattered throughout the game and can dig in their fishing rod to start fishing in Hades. That brings us to the fishing rod, and as we all know we cannot fish without a rod. Hence, players will first have to get the fishing rod and then start fishing. If you don’t know where to find the fishing rod or how to fish in Hades, this guide will answer all your queries. In this Hades how to fish guide, we will discuss everything about fishing in the game right from getting the rod to fishing to rewards.

Fishing in Hades

How to Get Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is the primary requirement for fishing. Without it, you cannot fish in Hades. The fishing rod can be purchased from the house of the contractor for a cost of one diamond. It is easy to collect one diamond as you can simply get it by progressing in the game and killing the bosses.

How to Find Fishing Pools

Fishing pools are spawned randomly in rooms that have water or magma. They are scattered throughout the underworld biomes. You can find them in all the four biomes of the game and in chaos rooms too.

The game will notify you when a fishing spot is nearby. When you enter a non-combat room that has a fishing pool, you will be notified with a bing sound. On the other hand, when you enter a combat room the has a fishing pool, you will again be notified with a bing sound but this time only after you have completed the room task and collected the room reward.

If you think that you might have missed the notification sound, you yourself can roam in the room and look for glowing points.

How to Fish

Once you get the sound and you spot a fishing pool, you can remove your fishing rod out and throw it into the pool. Now, wait until the bobber is fully under the water. Remember, it has to be fully submerged and not just going down and up. Once the bobber is submerged you can begin to reel in, if your timing is right you will get the fish or else you will get disappointment.

Depending on the timing of reel in, you can get different fishes. Here’s the list of time and the fishes you get if you catch within that time.

  • 0.34 seconds or less: Guaranteed rare fish, 5 % chance of legendary fish
  • 0.34 seconds to 1 second: Guaranteed uncommon fish, 5 % chance of rare fish
  • 1 second or longer: No fish

How to Get Rewards From the Fish

Once you have completed your run, you can head to the Head Chef in the House of Hades and hand him over the fish that you have collected. He stands behind the counter in the kitchen. Depending on the fish that you hand him, he will grant you with rewards.

Hades Fishing Rewards list

Given below is a list of all the fish that you can catch in Hades. The list also contains the rewards that you get from the Head Chef for collecting the different forms of them, which includes uncommon, rare, and legendary.

Tartarus Fish

Tartarus fish gets you gems.

  • Hellfish (Common) – 5 Gems
  • Knucklehead (Rare) – 20 Gems
  • Scyllascion (Legendary) – 30 Gems

Asphodel Fish

Asphodel fish gets you Cthonic Keys.

  • Slavug (Common) – 1 Chthonic Key
  • Chrustacean (Rare) – 3 Chthonic Keys
  • Flameater (Legendary) – 5 Chthonic Keys

Elysium Fish

Elysium fish awards Nectar.

  • Chlam (Common) – 1 Nectar
  • Charp (Rare) – 2 Nectar
  • Seamare (Legendary) – 3 Nectar

Temple of Styx Fish

Temple of Styx fish gets you gems.

  • Gupp (Common) – 20 Gems
  • Scuffer (Rare) – 40 Gems
  • Stonewhal (Legendary) – 150 Gems

Chaos Fish

Chaos fish gets you darkness points.

  • Mati (Common) – 100 Darkness
  • Projelly (Rare) – 250 Darkness
  • Voidskate (Legendary) – 500 Darkness

That’s everything you need to know for your Hades how to fish question. Fishing in Hades brings in a segment of relaxation in the game as the time count is paused when you go fishing. But outside this small fishing world of Hades, you will have to face many challenges such as defeating Charon or getting true ending in Hades.

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