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Hades True Ending: How To Get True Ending In Hades?

Want to know what is the true ending in Hades? Here's the spoiler-packed answer.

If you have played Hades till the end in the Early access mode, you know that there was no real or true ending in it. Well, Supergiant Games have added the true ending in Hades in the version 1.0 which is wonderful news for fans. Curious to know what it is? Then here’s your Spoiler warning. Proceed only if you want the ending spoiled for you. Ready? Alrighty then!

What is the Hades True Ending?

The v1.0 update brought along quite a few changes including bug fixes and of course, the Hades true ending. This ending is important because it will determine how things move ahead in further updates or possible sequels of the game. So, here’s how to get the real and final ending in the game.

Final Spoiler Alert

Basically, Zagreus will defeat Hades and then enter a portal which takes him to Greece. Yes, the story moves from the Underworld into Greece where Zagreus sees the sun which is quite a moment for him. That is because in the Underworld, he couldn’t know if it’s day time or night time, but now he can actually see the sun. Sweet.

After this, Zagreus has a reunion Persephone, his real mother. But what happens next is surprising – Zagreus dies and finds himself in the Underworld once again. He is unable to live on Earth and gets thrown back to the Underworld.

This ending actually motivates players to continue playing even after meeting the mother. It is being said that if you haven’t seen the credits roll, you haven’t unlocked the final true ending. For the final ending, you have to meet Persephone multiple times and that means you have to finish the game over and over again. Some say that you have to beat Hades 10 times to get it, so go ahead and try that out.

This is everything that is known about the true ending in Hades. If you need some more tips and tricks, here’s How to Get Titan Blood Easily in Hades & How to use it, how to get all Hidden Aspects, who to give Nectar to, upgrade weapons and how long it takes to beat.