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How To Quickly Defeat Meg The Fury in Hades

Megaera the Fury is the first boss that you encounter in Hades. Check out the boons that you will require to beat Magaera the fury in Hades

Megaera the Fury in Hades is a formidable opponent that will need to defeat to progress to the next biome. Commonly known as Meg, she is the boss of the first area that you begin your game in and will put up a great fight. If you want to know how to beat Megaera the Fury in Hades then read the rest of this guide.

How To Beat Megaera The Fury In Hades


Before you start slashing your way in this rogue-like game, you should be aware of Meg’s abilities and how she will use them to attack you. Even before that, you should make sure that you’re packed with useful boons that will help you stay alive in the fight until you beat her.

There are different boons available in Hades that will offer you buffs that you can use to gain an advantage, this will, in turn, make you somewhat invincible for a moment letting you use all your might against your opponents.

magaera the fury hades


Even with boons available, Meg will put up a great fight and should not be underestimated at all in Hades. Greek Gods and their boons go a long way in Hades and you should pay attention to them.

Below we’ve listed all the boons that you should acquire before your fight against Megaera the Fury in Hades:



Thunder Dash: Release a lightning bolt striking nearby enemies when you dash.

Thunder Flourish: Using your special will cause a lightning bolt to strike to nearby enemies.



Sweet Surrender: Enemies who are inflicted with weak get dealt with more damage.

Heartbreak Flourish: You special will deal more damage to enemies who are inflicted with weak.


Engulfing Vortex: Blade Rift effects will last longer and provoke enemies in.

Curse of Pain: Your special attack will inflict Doom.


Razor Shoals: Knock-away effects will also Rupture enemies that are close by.

Tidal Dash: Your Dash will damage enemies a specific area and knock them away.


Greatest Reflex: Allows you to Dash multiple times in a row.

Hyper Sprint: Post Dash you become sturdy and run twice as fast for a brief time.

Megaera the Fury can be really difficult to defeat if you’re close to her, so make sure that you maintain a bit of distance and use all your ranged attacks on her, this will make sure that you do not get hit by her Whip Whirl Attack.

Use dodge as much as possible to get out of the way of all her attacks as they’re really powerful and even a single hit can significantly damage you.

Keep finding an opening and then use that chance to retaliate but make sure that you and use weapons like the Varatha that will help you maintain distance and even keep Meg at bay. This is all there is to know about how to defeat Megaera the Fury in Hades.

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