What Is The Current Meta Build In Helldivers 2?

Don’t feel like experimenting with the different weapons and the Stratagems Helldivers 2 has to offer? Well, here are the ones that can be considered as the current meta build.

Despite the game suffering from many issues from time to time be it connectivity problems or weird bugs that are introduced with updates. People always come back to enjoy some Helldivers 2. Many players are also looking for what the current meta build is right now. There are 9 difficulty levels and several different weapons and Stratagems to choose from, as such things can get confusing in no time. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to experiment with them then here are the ones you should go for:

Best Current Meta Build in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 SG 225 Breaker Best Weapon In Current Meta Build
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. SG-225 Breaker best meta weapon in Helldivers 2.

The build that is considered Meta, at the time of writing this guide can be made by using the following weapons or Stratagems:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • SG-225 Breaker (Shotgun)
    • PLAS-1 Scorcher (Energy-based gun)
    • SMG-37 Defender (Submachine gun)
  • Secondary Weapon:
    • P-19 Redeemer (Pistol)
  • Throwable:
    • G-16 Impact Grenades
  • Stratagems:
    • Expendable Anti-Tank
    • Autocannon
    • Railgun
    • Orbital Laser
    • Orbital Airburst Strike
    • Eagle Airstrike
    • Shield Generator Relay
    • “Guard Dog” Rover
    • Mortar Sentry

The above list consists of the generally best weapons and stratagems in the game, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all build though. You will still need to play around and change your Stratagems according to your needs & difficulty level and make a build that suits your playstyle.

For example, Autocannon is generally a useful Stratagems in lower difficulties where you need to clear medium armor enemies. But Railgun comes into play when you are dealing with enemies that have high armor. Meanwhile Expendable Anti-Tank can easily take care of enemies like Chargers.

Similarly, there are situational weapons like Recoilless Rifle that are good for taking care of enemy Drop ships. But you won’t find it in this list because you need the help of another player to reload it. So the above weapons are useful irrespective of if you choose to play solo or queue up with friends.

Last but not least it is important to know that since the game is still fairly new a proper meta hasn’t been established as such. So there is a good chance the above weapons and Stratagems may get nerfed or buffed with future updates and it may change.

That is all for what the current meta build in Helldivers 2 is. While you are here you should also check out what the loadout reset bug is and how you can use a jump pack.