Best Lies of P amulets: List of Most Strongest Amulets

Here is an list of best amulets and their effects in Lies of P. Also checkout how to find them.

Amulets will bring different buffs to your build, whether it is a boost in attack or HP. Having them in your inventory will help you a lot. But finding out the best and strongest Amulets in Lies of P is a daunting task. To help with that this guide has a list of some of the most important Amulets you must find first in the game. It will add more to your strength and will help you out in crucial boss battles.

Best Amulets in Lies of P

Lies of P Best Amulets

You can add up to 4 Amulets in your build, so picking the best combination that gives you a boost in attack power and as fed of status ailments will be a smart move. Here is a list of the most powerful amulets you must have in Lies of P. Align them to your build based on their buffs.

  1. Arm Of God Amulet – Temporarily increases physical damage upon successful attack.
  2. Blue Guardianship Amulet – Increases the maximum amount of HP, Stamina, and legion.
  3. Conquering Amulet –  Upon successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by weapon attack.
  4. Piercing Hatred Amulet – Immunity to all attribute status ailments.
  5. Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet – Increases damage inflicted on puppets.
  6. Recharged Amulet – Restores HP continuously.
  7. Extreme Modification Amulet – Increases weapon ATK in proportion to a number of Fable Slots.

You can always re-configure your build before a boss fight. So it is best to try out different amulets and their buffs. Each of the Amulets will also add weight to your build that can slow you down in the fight.

Lies of P Amulets Location

Puppet Destroyer Amulet is in Krat City Hall, placed in a chest on the left corner of the hall area of the building. Piercing Hatred Amulet is dropped by the Mindless Puppet boss, you can unlock this boss fight after talking to Gepetto at the end of the game.

Blue Guardianship Amulet is found in Arche Abbey Outer Wall region of Hotel Krat. You will have to explore the ruins until you find a ladder that will take you to a small open terrace area where the chest with these amulets is kept. The Arm of God amulet is dropped by the final boss Simon Manus.

Amulets are stored inside the chest which are kept hidden. A little bit of exploration is required here, some of them are dropped by enemies. Once you have them you can equip the amulet and test out their effects. To help you more with the game here are some of Lies of P guides.

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