Best Lethal Company Mods To Install

Here is a list of all the best mods that you can install in Lethal company.

Lethal Company, even in its early access, has a lot to offer for the players with its unique gameplay design and interesting plot. The game follows you and your party as contracted workers hired by the Company to collect scraps from different industrialized moons for profit. And if that doesn’t sound interesting, some creatures and entities lurk on these moons that you will have to be careful of. While the original experience as it is can be quite immersive with its proximity chat and other features, you can make things even more interesting with these best Lethal Company mods.

From missing features to additional graphic settings, you will be able to add different things to enhance the experience in the game. The modding community has covered a lot of areas with different mods which may even make collecting scraps on overlooked moons engaging. With that being said, if you are looking to up the ante and improve the gameplay experience, then here is a list of all the best mods that you can install.

Best Lethal Company Mods

Best Mods For Lethal Company
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Here is a list of all the best Lethal Company mods that you can install to make gameplay more interesting along with some additional features:

Flashlight Toggle

The mod simply allows players to toggle on the Flashlight while they are holding other items or the flashlight itself. You will be able to do this by pressing the F key on your keyboard. This makes switching between items and flashlights a lot easier and you will be able to use it accordingly around the facilities in Lethal Company.


This simple mod lets you display the total value of the scrap you collected on the ship. The ShipLoot mod makes it easier to determine the total value of all the 16 items collected in the ship. It will let you decide if you meet up with the Company’s quota while collecting the scraps.

Brutal Company

The mod does things exactly as advertised and raises the difficulty in Lethal Company. You will be able to play the same missions on a hardcore level of difficulty in the game.


The ItemQuickSwitch mod allows players to switch between items using their keyboard directly in the game. For players looking to have a more vanilla experience in Lethal Company, this mod can help you do just that.


The HDLethalCompany adds additional graphic settings for players to tweak in Lethal Company. This includes resolution, anti-aliasing, fog quality, etc. However, it keeps the vanilla experience that the game has to offer.

More Suits

For players looking to have a change of wardrobe, this mod allows more suits to choose from in the game. Not to mention, it also lets you customize the suits according to how you want them.

FOV Adjust

The mod may sound simple but it’s better to have the option to customize the game’s field of view. With the FOV Adjust mod you will be able to tweak the field of view however way you like it in Lethal Company. This is one of the best Lethal Company mods and will make things easier as well as difficult according to the settings.


With this mod, you will be able to tweak the item weights, inventory slot amount, and inventory/item slot with the help of just the keybinds. It will help you customize the gameplay experience and make things more interesting in the game.


The LateCompany mod allows players to join after the multiplayer session has started in Lethal Company. This is usually helpful when you have that one friend who is always late. And since you don’t want to hamper the profit of the Company, you can set off before him and have him join the game later.


The BiggerLobby mod allows players to have 20 players in a lobby which will in turn make scavenging the moons and facing the creatures even more exciting in Lethal Company. If you don’t want that fifth member of your party to miss out on the expedition, then this mod will help you have more than 4 players in the in-game lobby.


If you thought the 20-player lobby was enough, the MoreCompany mod allows you to slot in a 32-player lobby in Lethal Company. Imagine completing the Company’s quota in mere minutes. With this, you will be adding in more players and have even more fun as co-workers collecting scraps in the game.

That’s all about the best mods to use for this game. For more interesting guides, check out our dedicated Lethal Company section, right here on Gamer Tweak.