How To Play Lethal Company With 32 Players

The More the Merrier.

Zeekerss, an independent developer, has quickly escalated the level of co-op gaming by releasing Lethal Company. You and any of your 3 best friends can party up and jump into an unknown Planet for scavenging. However, there are some insanely terrifying Monsters ready to prey on you. So it is either team up and survive, or scatter and die situation mostly.

But thanks to a Mod known as MoreCompany, players can now create a lobby for up to 32 Players in Lethal Company. Can you even imagine that? You can complete your daily scrap quota in just a couple of minutes if you play with 32 players on board. To help you understand this Mod perfectly, we have covered this guide. So if you want to play Lethal Company with more players, this is your best bet.

Lethal Company 32 Player Mod (MoreCompany Mod)

This Mod is developed by a Modder known as notnotnotswipez, and is available for download on Thunderstore database. After installing this Mod, players can easily add up to 32 Players in their Lethal Company Lobby. Since MoreCompany is a Mod, you can expect some flaws to come along.

For now, the MoreCompany Mod has some trouble with the end-game part of Lethal Company. You can accommodate up to 32 players, but the UI that gives information about dead and alive players just won’t scale above 8 players.

How to Install MoreCompany Mod in Lethal Company

  • The easiest way to download this Mod is by using the Thunderstore Mod Manager. All you have to do is download this Mod Manager and install it on your device.
How To Play Lethal Company With 32 Players
  • After installing the Mod Manager, simply search for Lethal Company in it.
How To Play Lethal Company With 32 Players
  • Next, search for ‘BepInExPack’ & ‘MoreCompany’ in the Get Mods section.
  • Download and install both of these Mods to boost your lobby capacity to 32 Players in Lethal Company.

Note: It is important that all the players have installed this Mod. Only then you will be able to join the 32-player Lobby.

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