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Best Katanas In Elden Ring

Here is a list of the best Katana Weapons in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game set in the Lands Between. As such you will need the best weapons & armor to survive against the hordes of enemies. One class of weapons that I would recommend using is the Katanas. A Katana is a Japanese Sword that is characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with either a circular or squared guard and a long grip, which suits for two-handing it. In Patch 1.03, Hemmorage was changed to work as it should have which buffed each Katana in the game. In Patch 1.o4, they did get a hit when Hemmorage was nerfed by they are still very good. In this guide, I will show you the best Katana weapons in Elden Ring.

Best Katanas in Elden Ring


best katana elden ring

In total there are 8 Katanas in Elden Ring. Those being:

  • Dragonscale Blade
  • Hand of Malenia
  • Meteoric Ore Blade
  • Moonveil
  • Nagakiba
  • Rivers of Blood
  • Serpentbone Blade
  • Uchigatana


From the list, the best Katana Weapons that you should be using in Elden Ring are:

Why are these Katanas the Best?


Rivers of Blood has been the best Katana & weapon generally in Elden Ring since Arcane Scaling was fixed. Its Unique Skill: Corpse Piler unleashes a flurry of strikes, each dealing blood loss buildup. Since Bleed was broken at the time, you could nearly kill an enemy in one Skill use. Now it is not as great but it is still a good weapon of choice. Rivers of Blood scales STR E, DEX D, ARC D & requires STR 12, DEX 18, ARC 20 to use properly. You can boost the Hemmorage effect with Talismans, Armor, & Incantations.

Moonveil is a classic Katana that is perfect for Mage & Wizard builds. Once upon a time, it was the best weapon in the game and then got nerfed. It is still a very good Katana and with the proper build, you can dish out massive damage. Its Unique Skill: Transient Moonlight will sheathe the blade & will do a horizontal light attack or a vertical strong attack with a wave of light on both attacks. You can boost its power with Talismans, Armor, & Incantations.

The Uchigatana is a basic blade in comparison to the prior two. Then why is it here? You can even get one if you just pick the Samurai class. Well, its basic form is why it’s so good. The Seppuku Ash of War buffs a weapons blood loss buildup and it can be applied to the Uchigatana. The strength of this weapon shadows its other Katana brethren. Couple that with the Blood affinity & power stance with another Seppuku Uchigatana with the Cold affinity and you have a pair of deadly blades. You can boost its power with Talismans, Armor, & Incantations.


General Tips for Katanas

Katanas in Elden Ring have a natural Blood Loss buildup so boosting that is the best way of making the weapon stronger. Using Incantations like Bloodflame Blade boosts Bleed & Fire damage on a Katana & using Talismans like Lord Of Blood’s Exultation boosts damage when a foe is affected by Bleed. Power Stance in Elden Ring is the act of Dual-Wielding two of the same weapons which unlock different movesets & increase damage. Katanas are favored heavily with Power Stancing so always try to get two of a Katana. All of the Katanas are good but the ones I have mentioned are easier to use and are found in the early game.

This was all about the Best Katana Weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Lion’s Claw – Location & Best Builds & How To Drop Weapons, Items & Trade in Elden Ring.