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How To Drop Weapons, Items & Trade In Elden Ring

Want to share, exchange or gift equipment to other players? Here's how to drop weapons or items for trading with friends in Elden Ring.

One of the best features of Elden Ring is the ability to play multiplayer with and against other players. While playing with friends, you might want to share and gift some weapons or items to them. This guide will help you understand how to drop and trade items in Elden Ring and what are the restrictions set by the game.


How to Drop Weapons & Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

  • When playing the game online with a friend, pause the game by pressing ESC on your keyboard.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Select the weapon (or an item) that you would like to give to them.

leave weapon for trading


  • Then, choose the LEAVE option to drop the weapon/item on the ground.

dropped weapon elden ring

dropped item consumable


  • Remember to avoid selecting “Discard selected” because that is precisely what it will do. It will destroy the item you have and you will lose it completely.
  • Once you have clicked on Leave, select YES on the next pop-up.
  • All your friend has to do is pick up the weapon from the ground and equip it to their character. Easy peasy.

There are a few conditions for this to happen seamlessly – more on this below.

Condition 1


Ensure that the weapon level matches theirs or is of a lower level. If you try to trade a weapon that is of a higher level than your friend’s highest level weapon, you won’t be able to go ahead with it. Players have to work toward upgrading weapons and not just obtain them from a friend who has collected them. If it matches the requirements, the other player will be able to see the drop. Otherwise, it will be invisible.

Condition 2

You can only drop a max of 8 items on the ground. When you drop the 9th item, the first one that you have dropped will disappear. Keep in mind that sometimes you might not get a notification about this. So, count and drop weapons or items in Elden Ring to trade them. In exchange, your friend can send you some other equipment, as long as it comes under the restrictions and rules set by the developers.

What are the Items that can be Gifted or Traded in Elden Ring?

Players can trade Weapons, Armor, Consumable runes, Ashes of War, Talismans, Consumable items, and Crafting Materials with each other. Note that if there’s an invader in your world and you drop items, they can pick them up from the host. You can use a password during your multiplayer gaming sessions so that you don’t get invaded. A Taunter’s Tongue will lure in invaders without any Furled Finger cooperators present, so while trading you need to avoid using this.

Which Equipment cannot be Shared or Traded in Elden Ring?

You cannot trade essential quest items such as Keys, Larval Tear, Remembrances, Flasks, Great Runes, Golden Seeds, Upgrade materials, Spells, and more. Since trading should not change the balance and intended progress of the game for players old and new, this is a good way to maintain that.

That’s everything you need to keep in mind if you are planning to drop weapons, items and trade them in Elden Ring. Thanks to Fextralife for the information along with the helpful commenters of this Reddit post. For more such hidden secrets, be sure to explore our Elden Ring section on Gamer Tweak.