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Elden Ring – How To Get Uchigatana Katana?

Here's our guide that explains how to get Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has a wide range of weapons and their different types for players to explore. Katanas are a type of weapon that is best suited in mid-range combats. Uchigatana Katana is one of the starting weapons for the Samurai Classes. It can inflict Hemorrhage status effects upon your opponents. In addition to that, it is pretty helpful for piercing and slash attacks during combat. If you are wondering to get your hands on this katana, worry not. Here’s our guide on how to get Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring.

How to Get Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring?

You can find it located inside of the Deathtouched Catacombs. Follow these steps to find Uchigatana Katana:

  • Head over to the Deathtouched Catacombs which is to the west of the Saintsbridge.
  • Once you enter the Catacombs, take a left passage as you get down the stairs.
  • You will find several skeletons, and you can either clear them out or avoid fighting them.
  • You will also encounter the Black Knife Assasin over there if you have not defeated him yet.
  • As you explore the catacombs, head straight and bottom of the tunnel.
  • You will find a lever near a statue. Pull up that lever to unlock a door.
  • Then climb up and follow a narrow passage to enter an area of archers from before.

uchigatana katana elden ring

  • You will find the Uchigatana Katana on the corner edge of the platform on a dead body (presumably an archer).
  • Interact with the pillage remains to wield the Uchigatana katana.

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