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Elden Ring – Where To Find Witchbane Ruins?

Here's our guide on the location of Witchbane Ruins in Elden Ring.

With all types of enemies scattered across the Lands Between, Witchbane Ruins is one of the regions with fewer enemies and loot in Elden Ring. While you can casually unlock the location and loot over there with fewer enemies with ease, you can also explore a quest. So, here’s our guide on where to find Witchbane Ruins in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Witchbane Ruins Location

  • Witchbane Ruins is located to the northwest shore of Weeping Peninsula and south of the Fourth Church of Marika.
  • You can reach the location by either walking or by horseback.

elden ring witchbane ruins

  • Although you won’t be encountering many enemies, you can explore and loot for Ambush shards in the region.
  • When you reach Witchbane Ruins, go to the underground prison to explore a quest line that involves Sorceress Sellen.
elden ring sorceress sellen
Image Source – Neon Slice on YouTube.
  • As you enter the underground dungeon, you will find an Ambush shard along with an imprisoned Sorceress.
  • If you have met this sorceress at Waypoint Ruins, it is not a doppelganger of that version.
  • The version you encountered in Waypoint Ruins is the spectral or astral body.
  • While the one imprisoned is the actual physical body of Sorceress Sellen.
  • We suggest not interacting with the imprisoned Sellen unless you have interacted with the one in Waypoint Ruins.

Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen gone?

  • If you strike her, she will disappear completely from the underground dungeon as well as Waypoint Ruins.
  • In case of such scenarios, you can use Celestial Dew to receive absolution.
  • Head over to the Church of Vows at Luirnia of the Lakes and atone for the sins you have committed.
  • Once you have atoned for your sins, both the versions of the Sorceress will re-spawn in their respective regions.
  • While we can go on with breaking down the questline for Sellen in this guide, you can check out our guide on how to complete the entire questline of Sellen.
  • After you complete the entire questline for Sorceress Sellen, she will help you unlock several sorceries as you revive her into a new body.

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