Best Foods In Starfield (Consumables)

Do you know how to enhance your Starfield adventures with the best foods? Let's find out the best foods to eat and cook.

Food plays an essential supporting role in your adventures across the star system, even if Starfield doesn’t explicitly track hunger and thirst levels. While food may not be necessary for survival, consuming the right dishes can provide valuable temporary boosts to help you in myriad situations. We’ll list the best foods to eat and cook in Starfield.

What Does Food Do in Starfield?

Best Foods In Starfield

While med packs are the best option for quick healing, food can provide important buffs to supplement your character’s capabilities. Many foods restore a small amount of health and temporarily boost your attributes.

Stats governing damage, toughness, and skill usage are common targets for food buffs. Fresh, complex dishes tend to offer the best combinations of beneficial effects. Crafting is highly recommended to take advantage of ingredients found during exploration.

Oxygen is a crucial resource in Starfield, governing your movement and actions in hazardous environments. Foods like Boba Alien Tea and Sparkling Water can increase your oxygen levels or reduce the depleted by actions.

Here are the best foods you can eat on your Starfield journey:

  • Sparkling Water: Restores 3 Health and -20 oxygen usage for 3 minutes
  • Chandra Port Wine: +12% Persuasion chance and +15 oxygen recovery for 5 minutes
  • Boba Alien Tea: Restores 3 Health and +10 oxygen for 5 minutes
  • Chandra Chardonnay: +12 Persuasion chance for 5 minutes and -15 oxygen recovery for 5 minutes
  • Orange Juice of Transcendence: -1 Health for 1 minute and +8 oxygen recover for 5 minutes
  • Boom Pop! Cherry: Restores 3 Health and +10 oxygen recovery for 3 minutes

With encumbrance an important factor, don’t rely on food for primary healing. But carefully selected buff foods can give your character powerful modifiers for specific situations or tasks. The Gastronomy skill enhances the potency of homemade meals, making it a valuable investment.

This is all on foods in Starfield. In case you have any other doubts, feel free to browse Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of guides like Best Rifles, Best Traits, and Best Ships to have.