Splatoon 3: Best Dualies Weapon

Looking for the best dual-wielded inkers? Check out our guide to find out the best dualies to choose from in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 has over 54 weapons to pick and use for different ink battles. There’s a wide range of different types of weapons that you can use. As you progress, you will also equip the dual-wielded pistols called as Dualies. These weapons have an additional sub-weapon and special weapon kit to use. Dualies offer a decent range, great damage output, and mobility. But with different types of Dualies, several players are confused about which one to choose. So, here’s our guide on the best Dualies in Splatoon 3.

What are the Best Dualies in Splatoon 3

The best Dualies weapon in my opinion is the Dualies Squelchers weapon out of the lot. That’s because, unlike all the dualies, this one offers the most range. While most of the dualies are suited best for close-range combat, Dualies Squelchers have the best mobility and range. In addition to that, these Dualies also have two bonus weapon kits. These include Splat bomb and Wavebreaker. To unlock Dualies Squelchers, you need to be at least on level 8 and spend a ticket at the Ammo Knights shop. Alternatively, if you are looking for better damage output, you can unlock the Glooga Dualies. But to unlock this dualie, you need to be at least on level 21 and spend one ticket.

All Dualie Weapons

There are five Dualies to choose from. Mentioned below are all of their stats, sub-weapons, and special weapons kit:

  • Splat Dualies
    • Range: 3/5
    • Mobility: 3/5
    • Damage: 3/5
    • Sub weapon: Suction Bomb
    • Special weapon: Crab Tank
  • Dapple Dualies
    • Range: 2/5
    • Mobility: 4/5
    • Damage: 3/5
    • Sub weapon: Squid Beckon
    • Special weapon: Tacticooler
best dualies in splatoon 3
Image Source – Chase247 on YouTube.
  • Dualies Squelchers
    • Range: 4/5
    • Mobility: 4/5
    • Damage: 2/5
    • Sub weapon: Splat Bomb
    • Special weapon: Wave Breaker
  • Dark Tetra Dualies
    • Range: 3/5
    • Mobility: 5/5
    • Damage: 2/5
    • Sub weapon: Autobomb
    • Special weapon: Reefslider
  • Glooga Dualies
    • Range: 3/5
    • Mobility: 2/5
    • Damage: 4/5
    • Sub weapon: Splash Wall
    • Special weapon: Booyah Bomb

We suggest choosing these Dualies weapons according to your playstyle. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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