Best Cook Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Cook can easily track and hunt down enemies with this Build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game.

With the Best Build equipped, Cook has the potential to be a match-winner for its team in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. While he may not have bloodthirsty weapons like Leatherface, he can help the Family track down Victims with ease. And for that, you will need the Best Attributes, Ability Modifiers, and Perks. Our Best Build for Cook features all of them. Take a look below to get started.

Best Build for Cook in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Cook’s primary task is not to kill Victims but to use his Seek ability to track them. So in this Cook Build, we will use Perks, Abilities, and Attributes that will make him the best tracker in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That said, check out below for the build:

Best Perks for Cook

Check out below to know the Best Perks for Cook in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

  • Security Pins
    • Added locks are 10%, 30%, or 50% (depending on perk level) harder to unlock for Victims.
  • You’ll Pay For That
    • If Grandpa is incapacitated, your damage dealt to Victims is increased by 15%, 20%, or 25% (depending on perk level) until he recovers.
  • Tracker Tagged
    • Hitting a Victim highlights them for all Family Members. Highlight duration can be 2, 3, or 5 seconds depending upon the level of this perk.
  • Swinging For the Fences (Grandpa Perk)
    • Reduces stamina consumption on melee attacks by 20%.
Best Cook Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game
Image Source: BloodThirstyLord

The above Perks make a completely selfless Build for Cook in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not only does it benefit you, but all the other Family Members as well. How? Well, hunting Victims is easier if you successfully have them trapped. And for that purpose, you have the Security Pins Perk which is unique to Cook. Other than that, the Tracker Tagged Perk will help all or any nearby Family Members to rush towards Cook for help. Moreover, the rest of the Perks in Cook’s Loadout will allow you to even the odds in terms of Combat.

Best Ability Modifiers

To make the most out of Cook’s Seek Ability, use the following Modifiers in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game:

  • Reduce Ability Drain (Level 1)
    • Reduces ability drain by 30%
  • Increase Detection Range (Level 2)
    • Victim detection range increased by 20%
  • All Family See Noise (Level 3)
    • Highlighted Victims are marked for the entire Family

Best Attributes for Cook in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

While playing as Cook, your main aim should be to track & hunt enemies, and also take care of Grandpa. Keeping this in mind, the following Attribute distribution will help you a lot:

  • Savagery: 50
  • Blood Harvesting: 25
  • Endurance: 26

Most of the time, Victims quickly run away from Cook without taking much damage. So, it is important to bolster his damage output by a significant margin. Increasing Blood Harvesting won’t make much sense as there are other Family Members too. Also, you won’t have to run much behind the Victims because you have Perks that will target them for all Family Members. That’s why we haven’t focused much on increasing Cook’s Endurance as well.

Also, many thanks to BloodThirstyLord for creating this insane Build for Cook in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To know how the above Perks and Attributes will help you, check out the following video by this YouTuber:

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Now that you have the Best Cook Build in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, ensure to make the most out of it. Besides this, if you are looking to Fight Back as Victims, then check out Connie Build. For more such helpful content, make sure to check out our other Texas Chain Saw Massacre Guides on Gamer Tweak.