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Best Connie Build For Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Check out this guide for the best build for Connie with all the best perks and attributes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Wondering what’s the best build for Connie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? If you are looking for a light-footed and intelligent character who would maneuver around the areas quite easily and find you the tools required while playing as a victim, then there is no need to look further than Connie in TCSM. The farm girl has a high proficiency stat at her disposal making her one of the smartest ones. Although the character does lack strength and overall toughness, she provides great support to other victims. Not to mention with the best build she can survive on her own too. So if you are looking for the best build for her in TCSM, then check out this guide further to know the exact perks and stats to equip.

Best Build for Connie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

best perks and attributes for connie in texas chainsaw massacre

In this build for Connie, we will be exploiting her stealth stats at their fullest in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is because rather than increasing her strength or toughness points, her existing attributes can make more of a difference in the game. With her Focused ability and this build, you will be able to make a quick escape.

Best Attributes

Each victim in the game has their base stat set and Connie has most of her focused on two attributes i.e. proficiency and stealth. This makes her one of the most crafty and nimble characters in the game. With the Attribute Unlock Points, for this build, we would suggest you increase her stealth at first and then her toughness. While stealth is self-explanatory, toughness will help you tank the damage if you ever encounter a family member. If you want to balance out a little, try increasing Endurance too. It will help you with Connie’s lockpicking ability.

Best Perks for Connie

The best perks for Connie’s build would be more of support perks like Sneaky Pete, Must Have Been Wind, and Sanguine Shadow in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While Sneaky Pete will add 3 more stealth points, must have been Wind will help you make less noise. Sanguine Shadows will help you regain health in the shadows. Here is a list of all the other best perks you can try out for Connie:

  • Sneaky Pete: Stealth is increased.
  • Sanguine Shadow: When lower than 30% HP, Connie can heal herself while staying still or hiding in the shadows.
  • Jump Start: Stamina consumption on dashing is reduced.
  • Deadbolt: Increases the strength of latches.
  • Must Have Been The Wind: Makes less noise while getting tools or crawl spaces.
  • Lucky Lockpicker: With the perk, there is a chance the unlock tools won’t be done with.
  • Light On Your Feet: With the perk, you will make less noise making it easy to avoid waking up Grandpa at the start.

We would recommend you find out the best possible combination while keeping Sneaky Pete in the loadout.

Best Ability Modifiers

With this another thing to do would be to upgrade Connie’s Focused ability up to level 3 in the game. Here are all the three ability modifiers:

  • Level 1: Debuff duration is reduced
  • Level 2: Stamina Consumption reduced
  • Level 3: Quick Stamina recharge rate

That’s everything covered on the best Connie build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Check out this guide on all fuse box locations so you can escape with Connie’s stealth build easily in TCSM. For more interesting guides, look out for our dedicated TCSM Game section, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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