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Best Johnny Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Looking to hunt down enemies with the most speed and damage? Then you should check out this Johnny Build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Best Johnny Build focuses on increasing his Savagery and Endurance in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Unlike other characters who use sound, this member of the Slaughter Family can literally hunt down its target by tracking their footprints. And if Johnny has been equipped with the Best Attributes, Abilities, and perks, then there’s no stopping him. That said, if Johnny is your go-to Family Member, then you should definitely use this build for causing maximum damage.

Best Build for Johnny in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre

To make Johnny’s Build as good as the Leatherface, you can use the following Loadout in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Best Perks for Johnny in TCM

  • Big Swings (Savagery)
    • Increases Attack Damage by 10%, 12%, and 15% as you level it up. Also, the stamina cost for attacking decreases as you level it up.
  • Unrelenting (Endurance)
    • Your Endurance is increased by 3%, 5%, and 7% as you level it up.
  • Serrated (Savagery)
    • Victims hit by the Perk holder take 1 HP per second of extra damage for the next 3, 4, and 5 seconds as you level it up.
  • Grandpa Ability: Experienced Stalkers
    • Reduces the Family’s proximity warning range for Victims.

This Johnny Build in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is incomplete without the above Perks. It has everything a true serial killer would need to kill its Victim.

Best Johnny Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game
Image Source: BloodThirstyLord

Best Ability Modifiers for Johnny

  • Level 1: Quicker Recharge
  • Level 2: Quicker Recharge
  • Level 3: Increase Trail Range

While hunting down enemies with Johnny, you would want to use the Hunt ability more often. That is why, you should gain Quicker Recharge Ability Modifier. This will help increase Johnny’s Ability Bar more quickly. After that, the Increase Trail Range Ability on Level 3 is another blessing for you. That’s because it increases the Footprint Trail left by Victims allowing Johnny to hunt them even if they are a bit far.

Best Attributes for Johnny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

For Johnny, you can use the following Attributes to get the most out of him:

  • Savagery: 47
  • Blood Harvesting: 16
  • Endurance: 47

As mentioned above, this Build will focus on bolstering Johnny’s agility and damage in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This will increase his ability to track down Victims with speed and deal massive damage to them. Also, we haven’t focused much on Blood Harvesting as there will be other characters to collect Blood for Grandpa as well.

At last, we would like to thank BloodThirstyLord for creating this insanely overpowered build for Johnny in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can check out his video below to see the benefits of the above Perks, Attributes, and Ability Modifiers:

Now that you have the Best Build for Johnny in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you’ll be able to hunt Victims with ease. Apart from this, if you are looking to Fight Back as a Victim, then you should check out our Connie Build. And for more such helpful content, you can check out our Texas Chain Saw Massacre Guides other on Gamer Tweak.