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Best Claws To Use In Elden Ring

Here's our guide on the best Claws and their locations in Elden Ring.

While Elden Ring features powerstancing, Claws are one of the weapons that can be wielded in pairs as default. It’s a weapon that mainly deals with Dexterity and strength attributes. If you are a Souls player, you would surely know their brutal force. But are these weapons any good while using them in Lands Between? Yes! As these claws weigh less, they offer great mobility as well. So, here’s our guide on the best claws and where to find them in Elden Ring.

Best Claws in Elden Ring


Mentioned below are the best claws and their locations:

Hook Claws

These claws have the most Dex scaling out of all the Claws. Hook Claws have a default weapon skill of Quickstep. This skill allows you to dodge incoming damage and look for an opening. You can find this weapon at the Stormveil Castle. Talk to the Gatekeeper Gostoc and go through a secret entrance. You will find the Hook claws near a corpse on the first level of the wine cellar. It can trigger the Hemorrhage or Blood Loss status buildup. You can upgrade these claws using the Smithing Stones. It consumes 3 Focus points (FP) and you can also apply different Ashes of War onto this weapon. You can also boost its damage by using different consumables and magic.


Bloodhound Claws

Like all the Claws, Bloodhound Claws deal with Dexterity attributes. But it inflicts the most physical damage out of all. It has a default skill of Bloodhound’s step that is much faster than Quickstep. You can find these Claws after defeating the Bloodhound Knight in the basement of Volcano Manor.

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It triggers the Hemorrhage status buildup. Bloodhound Claws also offers 40% damage negation while blocking the targeted enemy.

Venomous Fang

These Claws trigger the Poison status build-up against your enemies. It has a default skill of Quickstep and consumes 3 FP. You can find Venomous Fang at the Abandoned Cave in Caelid behind a Giant Poison flower. Go through a pile of dead Abductor Virgins to find them. You can upgrade these claws using Smithing Stones. In addition to that, you can also boost their damage with consumables and magic.


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