Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds List

Looking for the best build to use in Minecraft Dungeons? This guide has a list for you to choose from.

There are a ton of builds in Minecraft Dungeons, but not every build can be the best. And using the right build can change how you experience the game. Once you find the perfect build for you, you can test them in the different difficulties that the game has to offer. So in this guide let us quickly take a look at the list of best equipment loadouts that you can use in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Builds List to Use in Minecraft Dungeons

minecraft dungeons best builds list

Below are some of the best builds that you can use in this game.

  • Soul Reaper
  • Speed Focused
  • Bulky/Tank Loadout
  • High Damage Dealer

Let us take a look at all of them. Below I will give all of the best weapons, armor, and artifacts for making the builds.

Soul Reaper

Soul Reapers focus on reaping the souls of the enemies you eliminate. You then can use these souls for different effects. Let’s say you have the Soul Healer Artifact, then you can heal the most injured member. And if you are the most injured then you can heal yourself. Below are some of the best soul builds.

  • Soul Reaper 1
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Nocturnal Bow
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Soul Healer
  • Soul Reaper 2
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Voidcaller
    • Armor: Archer’s Armor
    • Artifact: Harvester

Speed Focused – Best Builds for Minecraft Dungeons

When making a speed-focused setup you should try using equipment that improves your character’s movement or attack speed. For example Boots of Swiftness gives you a movement speed boost for a short while. Below are two examples of it.

  • Speed Focused 1
    • Melee Weapon: Moon Daggers
    • Ranged Weapon: Dual Crossbows
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Boots of Swiftness
  • Speed Focused 2
    • Melee Weapon: Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Auto Crossbow
    • Armor: Evocation Robe
    • Artifact: Death Cap Mushroom

Bulky/Tank Loadout

As the name suggests these loadouts are focused on making you bulky or tanky. That means you can take more damage before going down. Your goal should be to check the equipment that gives good damage reduction and hit negation. Here are some examples of the best builds to use when trying to be a tank.

  • Bulky/Tank Setup 1
    • Melee Weapon: Whirlwind
    • Ranged Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
    • Armor: Stalwart Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet
  • Bulky/Tank Setup 2
    • Melee Weapon: Maulers
    • Ranged Weapon: Power Bow
    • Armor: Full Metal Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet

High Damage Dealer

High damage builds allow you to deal huge amounts of damage to the enemies. The equipment focus on giving you a damage boost. These are some of the best high damage builds.

  • High Damage Dealer 1
    • Melee Weapon: Resolute Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Wind Bow
    • Armor: Splendid Robe
    • Artifact: Corrupted Beacon
  • High Damage Dealer 2
    • Melee Weapon: Chill Gale Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Echo of the Valley
    • Armor: Cave Crawler
    • Artifact: Corrupted Seeds

That covers this list of the best builds to use in Minecraft Dungeons. If you like playing this game then head over to our Minecraft Dungeons section for more help on other topics.