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Team Fortress 2: Best Characters For Beginners

Start with these Team Fortress 2 classes if you are a beginner and advance quickly.

Selecting the best TF2 character can be tough for beginners. There are nine classes in Team Fortress 2, providing a range of tactical abilities and personalities. Some are suitable for offense, some excel in defense, while some are best as support. Plus the game offers thrilling Payload, Arena, King of the Hill, and many other modes. So even though it has been here for decades, it still hasn’t lost its charm. New players are constantly becoming part of TF2, and if you are one of them, then this guide is for you.

Best Team Fortress 2 Classes for Beginners (2023)

Top Character For Beginners In Team Fortress 2

Pyro, Medic, and Engineer are the three best characters for beginners. Pyro is suited for the offensive side, Engineer for defense, and Medic as support. As you advance and get the hang of the game, you can switch Pyro for Scout and Engineer for Heavy. But don’t change Medic, as this character is suitable for both TF2 beginners and veterans.

Pyro as Offensive Character

Pyro is easy to master, as it has the simplest, yet most powerful attack as a starter. It is a close combat character that doesn’t need you to have perfect aim. You can use him for ambushing, plus his Homemade Flamethrower does afterburn, so you will easily eliminate enemies. His other default weapons: Shotgun and Fire Axe are also quite useful for close combat. Shotgun is a perfect ranged and melee combo, where even with rough aim you will hit the target with ease. This quality of Pyro makes him the top Offensive character for beginners in TF2.

Medic for Team Fortress 2 Beginners

Medic is an inseparable part of any team. His Syringe Gun, Medi Gun, and Bonesaw moves help the team stay invincible till the end. His moves are so brilliant that they can boost health above 100%. And apart from these moves, he offers UberCharge, which will give you a surprise advantage when charged. So no matter if you are playing as a beginner or veteran, you should never go without a Medic.

Engineer TF2 Defensive Character For Beginners

Though we put Engineer in defense class, it is helpful as support too. He offers both close and ranged attacks with the ability to build structures that continuously inflict damage on enemies. He is hard to master if compared to support and offense classes, but in the defense category, he is the easiest. Simply put, among the three defensive classes: Demoman, Engineer, and Heavy; Engineer is the simplest. So until you master Engineer don’t change your class for any other defensive ones.

With this, we wrap our best TF2 characters guide for beginners. Team Fortress 2 has many interesting and useful mechanisms, such as you can play with Bots, get free Keys to open Mann Co Supply Crates, and much more, so skim through our massive TF2 guides list.