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How To Get Free Keys In Team Fortress 2? (2023)

Here's what you need to know about free keys in TF2.

In Team Fortress 2, players can use keys to open Mann Co Supply Crates and they cannot be crafted or easily found randomly as drops. You have to purchase them and if you fulfill certain conditions, you can use it to open the crates. Due to this, many are curious to know – how to get free keys in TF2? Here’s the answer.

How to Get Free TF2 Keys in 2023?

The only way to get free keys without paying money in Team Fortress 2 is to trade with other players but that comes with its own risks. If you are lucky, you might get them as a free gift in case there’s a contest or event going on. But the fastest way to obtain keys is to simply buy them. There are slower ways to go about it, but they can be a hassle for players.

You can obtain Keys via Credits

  • Join a server which gives you Coins/Credits as bonuses.
  • With a certain amount of Credits, you can buy Refined as well as Keys.
  • The exchange rate can be upwards of 1000 Credits but for Keys it will be much, much higher.

Check out this video for more information:

You can Trade Refined Metal for Keys

Players can craft Ref or Refined Metal in TF 2 to exchange them for Crate Keys. 

How to Get Refined Metal in Team Fortress 2

how to make reclaimed metal team fortress 2

  • Smelt 2 weapons of the same class. This will create 1x Scrap metal.
  • Combine 3x Scrap Metals to craft 1x Reclaimed Metal.
  • Combine 3x Reclaimed Metals to make 1x Refined Metal.

how to craft refined metal tf2

But as you can see, the whole process is time consuming and needs a lot of effort.

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Where to Buy TF2 Keys Safely?

If you are interested in spending money to get Keys in Team Fortress 2, here are the best places/shops to buy them from:

Popular Trading Websites for TF2

There are some third party sites you can check out at your own discretion:

  • dmarket.com
  • bitskins.com
  • marketplace.tf
  • backpack.tf

But before getting any transaction, make sure to avoid falling prey to scams. Many websites will show you how to get free keys in Team Fortress 2 but if they do not look legit or asks for some personal data, stay away from them. Similarly, remember to access trading sites with caution.

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