Best Armored Car In GTA 5 Online (2023) – Top Vehicles

Not sure which car is the safest for you during your grind in GTA V Online? Then, check out the best Armored cars you can get in the game.

Like you, many players seek the best Armored car in GTA 5 Online. That’s because there are various missions filled with cops & enemies ready to knock you down with their explosive rounds & missiles. So in such games playing safe is always a wise choice. And for that, you can’t just rely on the Fastest cars. You’ll also have to think about surviving the chase and completing the objectives. So before you go on a rampage, check out the GTA V Online best Armored vehicles listed below. You’ll find cars resistant to missiles and explosives on the list.

Which is the Best Armored Car in GTA 5 Online? (2023)

Best Armored Car In GTA 5 Online Top Vehicles
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We believe the HVY Insurgent is the best Armored car you can get in GTA 5 Online. This off-vehicle can deflect up to 26 Missiles, 8 RPGs, 5 Tank canons, and more than 22 Explosive rounds. And its speed can give you 98 mph (158 km/h) when fully upgraded. However, you’ll have to compromise a bit with bulletproof protection. No matter how explosive it can survive, a bullet can still get through the windows.

Whereas the HVY Nightshark can also be a good pick for you. It can protect you from up to 25 Missiles, 5 Tank canons, 8 RPGs, and 20 Rounds of explosives. And additionally also has a Bulletproof windows plate option that you can buy & equip at Los Santos Customs. A little less protection, but it will not disappoint you regarding speed. You can expect 104 mph (156 km/h) when fully upgraded.

If you want something stylish, Obey Omnis e-GT can be just the one for you. This car is many players’ favorite and is also considered the best Armored car in GTA 5 Online by fans. But it couldn’t reach the top due to a lack of damage resistance. However, it still offers decent protection and can deflect up to 11 Missiles, 11 RPGs, 5 Tank canons, & 28 Rounds of explosives. It is also pretty fast, up to 110 mph (178 km/h), when the vehicle is fully upgraded.

If you disagree with our GTA V Online top armored vehicles pick, then below are some more cars you can look at.

Other Best Armored & Bulletproof Vehicles in GTA V Online

Best Armor Vehicles for protection In GTA 5 Online
Source Image: HarmNone

Here are all the honorable mentions that you should not forget about. The list below includes cars, some Tank trucks, and trailers.

Vehicles Missile Resistance RPG Resistance Tank Canon Resistance Explosives Resistance Bulletproof
MTL Brickade 6×6 (Acid Lab) 45 45 22 115 Yes
Bravado Half Track 25 8 4 22 Yes
HVY Menacer 22 8 4 18 No
Mobile Operations Center 19 20 10 45 No
Enus Jubilee 10 3 2 10 No
Armored Karin Kuruma nil nil nil nil Yes

That sums up the best Armored car available in GTA 5 Online. If you are a car collector but have no space to store them, then check out how to buy Garage for a cheap rate. Also, look at the steps to Trade cars with your friends in GTA V Online.

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