How To Buy Garage In GTA Online? (Tricks To Buy Cheapest Garage)

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On average a Garage in GTA Online cost between $20,000 to $100,000. Anything above this is an expensive property. Garages are available for sale on different online websites or by checking the “For Sale” sign during exploration. Different Garage has different storage spaces, and good can let you store up to 50 cars. Similar to Story Mode, players can purchase and own Garages in GTA Online as well. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the best garages in GTA Online and their prices.

GTA Online – Garage Buying Guide

How to Get a Garage in GTA Online

Dynasty8realestate is an online website in GTA Online from where you can directly buy Garages. For this open Internet Browser on your Mobile Phone or Computer. The Dynasty8realestate website provides you with important information like the location, price, and capacity of the Garage to store vehicles. It then becomes easy to cycle through and select the best option for you.

Another way to buy a Garage in GTA Online is by visiting the location directly. It is not much difficult either beside the traveling part. You can access the in-game map and use the Legends to specifically highlight some Garages. However, key information like price and storage capacity is something you will get to know after visiting the location.

As mentioned above, there are different Garage options available, here are the locations & prices for all of them.

Garages that can Store 2 Cars

Garage Location Price
Little Bighorn Ave East Los Santos $25,000
Unit 124 Popular St East Los Santos $25,000
1 Strawberry Ave North-West San Andreas $26,000
142 Paleto Blvd North-West San Andreas $26,500
1932 Grapeseed Ave East San Andreas $27,500
1200 Route 68 Central San Andreas $28,500
197 Route 60 Central San Andreas $29,000
0754 Roy Lowenstein Blvd East Los Santos $29,500
2000 Great Ocean Highway North-West San Andreas $31,500
1920 Senora Way East San Andreas $32,000
634 Blvd Del Perro North-West Los Santos $33,500
0897 Mirror Park Blvd North-East Los Santos $33,500
Garage Innocence Blvd South-Central Los Santos $34,000

Garages that can Store 6 Cars

Garage Location Price
870 Route 68 Approach Central San Andreas $62,500
8754 Route 68 Central San Andreas $65,000
4531 Dry Dock St South-East Los Santos $67,500
Unit 1 Olympic Fury East Los Santos $70,000
0432 Davis Ave East Los Santos $72,500
1905 Davis Ave South Los Santos $75,000
Unit 14 Popular St East Los Santos $77,500
0552 Roy Lowenstein Blvd East Los Santos $80,000

Garages that can Store 10 Cars

Garage Location Price
1623 South Shambles St South East Los Santos $105,000
1337 Exceptional Way South West Los Santos $112,500
Unit 76 Greenwich Parkway South West Los Santos $120,500
331 Supply Street East Los Santos $135,000
Unit 2 Popular St East Los Santos $142,500
0120 Murrieta Heights East Los Santos $150,000

How to Purchase 50 Car Garage in GTA Online?

Apart from the above 3 types of Garages, there is one special custom Garage that you can own. The spacious 50 Car Garage is also available for purchase in GTA Online via the Dynasty8realestate website. After selecting the ‘View Property Listings’ prompt, you should be able to see the Eclipse Blvd Garage. While making the transaction, you can choose to customize its style and color more particularly. Upon making all the customizations, you can purchase it for a total of $2,740,000.

How to Get a Garage in GTA Online

Speaking of the location, you can find the 50 Car Garage on the northern side of Los Santos in GTA Online. Also, keep in mind that this Garage can only be purchased online using the Internet. You can not visit the actual location and interact to purchase this property.

Now that you know the location and prices of all the Garages in GTA Online, your vehicles are no longer in danger. While you are here, why don’t you take a look at the Best Bunker Locations available in GTA 5 Online?

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