Bitlife How To Become A Pilot (Career Guide)

Want to become a Pilot in Bitlife? Check out our career guide and find out how you can do that.

Becoming a successful Pilot in Bitlife is not easy. You must pass the license test and get promoted from Trainee to Co-Pilot, Pilot, Air Captain, and then Chief Pilot. Education, knowledge, behavior, and money, all are needed to pursue this career. Airline Jobs are always in high demand, so you must live a strict life. There are a few things you have to avoid and others you must do to achieve your dream and get an Airline Captain achievement.

How to Pursue an Airline Career and Become a Pilot in Bitlife

How To Become A Pilot In Bitlife

  • Start a new life and make choices that show your good behavior. For example, if you are asked if you will lie about something you did, choose to speak the truth. In tough situations, stay calm. And most importantly avoid social media.
  • After you join high school, spend your extra time studying, reading books, and doing activities that showcase your knowledge. This will show that you are suitable for Bitlife’s Pilot career.
  • You have to spend your all on Smart stat, looks don’t matter. Health should be green, and so does happiness, or you will face other crises. If you keep investing in Smart stat, you will easily get a scholarship during graduation and for further studies.

What to Do After High School to Become a Pilot?

  • To become a Pilot in Bitlife, pursue a STEM Degree after completing High School. It will cost a lot, so either apply for the scholarship or take a student loan and do a part-time job. If you highly invested in Smart stat and maintained good Health & Happiness, then you will easily get a scholarship.
  • Once you have got the STEM Degree, apply to the Flight School. Now spend 40 hours there.
  • In Bitlife, you have to apply for Pilot License for pursuing this career. And you have to pay money for the test. So pass the test on the first try with the help of these Pilot License Test answers.
  • After clearing the test, go to the Full-time career and apply for Pilot Trainee. If you don’t see the Pilot Trainee option, then age up, but make sure not to exceed 30 years, as you will hardly see this job after that.
  • Keep working diligently and follow the righteous life to climb the career ladder and become a Pilot, Air Captain, and Chief Pilot.

That’s all you have to do to become a Pilot in Bitlife. There are many interesting careers and challenges to try in Bitlife, so check out our Bitlife guides. And read how to become a Confidential Informant and a Musician.