BitLife: How To Get A STEM Degree

Want to become an Astronaut or Pilot? Check out our guide to find out how to get STEM Degree in BitLife.

Once you know how to get a STEM degree in BitLife, you can choose a wide range of careers for your character. For those wondering, the acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study all four subjects to get this degree. However, this degree does unlock several career prospects like being a Pilot or Astronaut. Since the new job pack update has been released, players have been quite eager to join NASA or fly planes. To take on these higher-end jobs, you must complete this degree. So, check our guide to find out how to get a STEM degree.

How to Get a STEM Degree in BitLife

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You can get a STEM Degree by picking a major in either Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics when applying for a University. We recommend players select Maths and Engineering majors if they want to become an Astronaut. Regardless of the chosen subject, It takes four years to complete your STEM graduation from University.

Don’t worry about going broke if you got a scholarship or took funds from Parents to complete your STEM degree in BitLife. However, if you took a student loan, note to get a job or part-time job once you are out of University. You can increase your chances of getting a Scholarship by boosting your BitLife character’s Smart stats.

In addition to the four subjects, you can also take on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science. That’s because these subjects are included in the STEM degree. However, we suggest focusing on the four subjects as selecting Chemistry did not unlock Flight Lessons for us. And these lessons are necessary to take on Astronaut’s Technical Training. Once you receive a STEM degree, many branches of career paths will open up for your character. This includes attending Flight School or taking the Pilot Test to get the required Licenses.

Then, you will be eligible to take on different Jobs included in the new Job Packs update. These include becoming a Musician, starting up a Business, and more.

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