Horizon Forbidden West – How To Beat A Tremortusk?

Learn how to beat a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West from this guide.

Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world action roleplaying game based on the post-apocalyptic Western United States. Here Animalistic Machines roam the lands, hunting down whatever they find. They also make the majority of the Mobs in this Horizon Forbidden West. One such creature is the Tremortusk. It is a Behemoth Metal Mammoth based upon the Elephants of old that roamed the Earth before the Apocalypse. Beating one is not easy. So in this guide, I will show you how to beat a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Beat a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West

tremortusk horizon forbidden west

The Tremortusk is big & mean Metal Mammoth that can and will destroy everything in its path. Keeping that in mind, you will want to keep your distance from it. Especially from its Tusks, because those bad boys hurt. If you have scanned one with your Focus, you will be able to see in your Notebook that Frost Damage is its weakness & Fire Damage is its Strength. The Tremortusk is Horizon Forbidden West uses a few moves and here is what you must do to counter them.

  • The Tusk Sweeps
    Dodge them. Always choose the option to dodge them as they are not the easiest to block. To effectively avoid them, dodge in the direction behind the Tremortusk. This will give you some breathing space as the Tusk Sweeps is a very long move.
  • The Back Cannons
    There are Cannons at the Back of a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West. They cover the areas the creature cannot cover itself. So if you even dodge the Tusk Sweeps, there is a high chance of getting hit by these Cannons. Be aware and Dodge them.
  • Shock Waves
    A Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West can send out Shock Waves. The only way you can counter them is by dodging them. The Mammoth lifts its front legs and Slams them into the ground, creating the Shock Waves. Just jump or dive over it to dodge.
  • Electric Orbs
    Just when you thought the Tremortusk ran out of moves, it pulls a fast one on you by shooting you with Electric Orbs that can stun you and deal Shock Damage. To avoid it, shoot the Electric Orbs till they break.

Now that is covered, what should prioritize to takedown a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West. Pretty simple actually, just go for the Tusks & Underbelly. The Tusks are its main Weapon, eliminating it will make your life easier. You can do this by shooting them with a Sharpshot Bow or Spike Throwers. For the Underbelly, whenever it is on its hind legs, you should be dealing damage to it, especially to its Underbelly. The Underside of the Tremortusk is a Blaze Sac. So shooting a few times will make it explode.

The Tremortusk is a relentless beast that massive. Following these steps should help you deal with it pretty easily. This was all about beating a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on How To Beat A Slitherfang & How To Crouch in Horizon Forbidden West