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How To Find & Beat Sha’Hala In Remnant 2 (Tips & Tricks)

Unable to get past through Sha'Hala Boss Fight? Here's a Tips & Tricks guide to easily defeat it.

Defeating Sha’Hala can be a Traveler’s biggest nightmare in Remnant 2. This giant-sized Phantom boss shows no mercy and unleashes every attack from its arsenal. Also, the arena while battling this boss is compact so you won’t have much space to defend yourself. However, to be able to fight Sha’Hala, you must find it and that’s a struggle of its own. So take a look below to know how to find and defeat Sha’Hala.

How to Find Sha’Hala in Remnant 2

The Sha’Hala boss fight will take place inside the Sentinel’s Keep tower. To unlock the tower, you are required to collect 3x Seeker Keys that can be found in Seeker’s Rest, The Hatchery, and Astropath’s Respite respectively.

Sentinel's Keep: Sha'Hala Boss Location in Remnant 2
Image Source: Neyreyan

Once you get your hands on all 3 Seeker Keys, you will get access to the Sentinel Keep tower. Once you are inside the tower, use the elevator in the middle to make your way up. After reaching the top, make sure to claim the checkpoint. Walk past the gate to begin the Sha’Hala boss fight in Remnant 2. Also, keep in mind that using the Override Pin before will get you a special reward after defeating Sha’Hala. You can check out our guide on Override Pin’s Location & Use for more information on it.

Now that you how to reach out to Sha’Hala, here’s how you can defeat it in Remnant 2.

How to Defeat Sha’Hala in Remnant 2

According to me, you must carefully analyze where and how Sha’Hala will attack. Doing so will help you to prepare the necessary countermeasures. To make things simpler, here’s how you can dodge every attack thrown by this Phantom Boss.

  • Laser Hands: Hands will pop up and shoot lasers horizontally
    • You only need to dodge the laser that is on ground level. The ones on the top won’t damage you at all.
  • Moving Orbs: Hands will pop up and shoot damaging orbs toward you
    • The orbs move slowly so you will have plenty of time to move out of the way.
  • Lightning: A trajectory will appear followed by lightning beams
    • You can dodge it by moving out of the trajectorial path
  • Trajectorial Orbs: Orbs will display trajectories that will blink before shooting
    • The best timing to dodge this attack is by moving out of the way in the second blink
  • Direct Slam: Sha’Hala will spread its hand and cover its Orb and do a flip. This will make its tail slam hard on the ground
    • Can easily be avoided by moving out of the way quickly
  • One from the Ground: Boss becomes invisible. In the meanwhile, it will make its hand come out of the ground along with some damaging orbs.
    • To avoid this attack, you need to keep moving here and there quickly.

How to Defeat Sha'Hala in Remnant 2

It’s time we talk about the offensive strategy instead of the defensive. So, you can shoot bullets to the giant Orb held by Sha’Hala to cause more damage in Remnant 2. But you will need tons of ammo to finally be able to reduce its health to zero. Thankfully, lots of ammo can be obtained by destroying the hands spawned by Sha’Hala.

Keep in mind that Sha’Hala will test your dodging skills in Remnant 2. So being agile and keeping an eye everywhere is the key to surviving this boss fight.

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That’s all you need to know about beating Sha’Hala in Remnant 2. For more such informative content, you can check out our Remnant 2 section. We have stacked up tons of such helpful guides there.