Minecraft Legends Final Boss: How To Beat The Great Hog

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The Great Hog is the final boss in Minecraft Legends, and it is tough to beat. This leader of the Piglins is said to be born out of lava itself. The Piglins and the three Horde Leaders were tough, but the Great Hog is a whole other deal. He wields a weapon that can destroy the Well of Fate and corrupt the Overworld. Now, you are the only one who could save the Overworld from complete destruction. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat the Great Hog.

Minecraft Legends: How to Beat the Great Hog (Final Boss Guide)

Great Hog final boss in Minecraft legends

In Minecraft Legends, the Great Hog is a strong final boss, but you can beat it with a large horde at your command. Once you beat the Third Horde Leader, the Great Hog will enter the Overworld and start attacking the Well of Fate. He’ll wield a strong weapon with the powers of the portal, which can summon Piglins at will. Once he is in the Overworld, you cannot teleport to the well, so you must rally there.

Great Hog All Attacks

The Great Hog has many powerful attacks, so it’s necessary to understand them in order to beat him.

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  • Ranged Attacks
    • Spear Throw
    • Ring of Fire
  • Melee Attacks
    • Spear Swing
    • Smash Attack
    • Spinning Hammer

These are the attacks, the Great Hog will use against you.

Beating Minecraft Legends Final Boss

Great Hog Spin Attack

Now that you know his attacks, here’s how to beat the Great Hog:

  1. Once you’re near the corrupted land surrounding the Well of Fate, build spawn points for Golems, Creepers, and other friendly mobs. Make sure you build a Wellhouse base as well.
  2. Spawn as many as you can rally with your Banner and head toward the Well of Fate.
  3. Defeat the Piglins on the way and destroy the walls. You don’t have to demolish the entire base. Just create a path to the Great Hog. Destroy the towers so you don’t get hit with fire arrows.
  4. Once you’re in the range, the Great Hog will attack you with its ranged attacks. The Spears are easy to dodge. However, the Ring of Fire will quickly deplete your health. Make sure you spot a puddle to dip in after getting it by the fire.
  5. As you reach closer, it’ll use its melee attacks.
  6. Now all you have to do is let your mob attack the Great Hog. Send your Golems, Creepers, Warriors, and Zombies to fight it while you head back and summon more mobs.
  7. After a while, the mobs will defeat the Great Hog for you.

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That’s how you beat the Minecraft Legends Final Boss, the Great Hog. Before you head out for this battle, make sure you have the best mobs in Minecraft Legends like All Golems.