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How To Beat The First Boss In Halls Of Torment (The Lord Of Pain)

Unable to beat the First Boss known as the Lord of Pain in Halls of Torment? Here's the best way to beat him.

Having a tough time beating the first boss in Halls of Torment? This boss showing up at the end of the Haunted Caverns (1st Hall) is incredibly difficult to defeat. Even if you manage to kill him once, he somehow manages to refill his health bar. Known as the Lord of Pain, this boss stands up to his name in this game. But what if I say there’s a comparatively easy way to defeat the Lord of Pain in Halls of the Torment? Take a look below to know how.

Best Way to Kill Lord of Pain (First Boss) in Halls of Torment

How To Beat The First Boss In Halls Of Torment (The Lord Of Pain)

Most of you may not know but you can reduce Lord of Pain’s health even before facing him. How? All you need to do is collect the Token of Pain. This item can be unlocked after following the Blood Trails in the Haunted Caverns Hall. Once collected, Lord of Pain’s health will be reduced to almost half for both stages. This will shift the odds in your favor allowing you to defeat the first boss in Halls of Torment.

For those who don’t have the Token of Pain, you can still beat the Lord of Pain in the Halls of Torment. You just need to pick up the right Character and Upgrades to stand up to him. And according to me, Sorceress can come in handy while trying to defeat Hall of Torment’s first boss. Speaking of upgrades, you must go for something that increases your movement speed and keeps your health bar filled. This will help you last longer on the battlefield.

That’s all for beating the first boss fight in Halls of Torment with the Lord of Pain. Now that you are here, you should check out the Halls of Torment Tier List of Best Class. For more such content, you can check out our Halls of Torment section right here at Gamer Tweak.