Halls Of Torment: Token Of Pain Uses (Blood Trail Explained)

Unsure about following the Blood Trail or confused about the Token of Pain in Halls of Torment? Here's everything you should know about it.

Ever wondered where the Blood Trail will take you in Halls of Torment? For those who don’t know, this bloody pathway is found while playing the first Hall – Haunted Caverns. If you follow the blood rail, you will eventually be rewarded a Token of Pain (purple item). Just to let you know that this item can prove to be your best chance against the final boss of the first Hall. Sounds intriguing right? Take a look below to unravel the mystery of the blood stains and the use of the Token of Pain in Halls of Torment.

Should you Follow the Blood Trail in Halls of Torment?

The straightforward answer to this is Yes! You should definitely follow the trail of blood in the Haunted Caverns level of Halls of Torment. At the end of it, you will come across a book. After reading this book, you will get to know about two Shrines found at both ends of the Blood Trail.

Blood Trail & Token of Pain Explained in Halls of Torment

At this point, you are required to kill a certain number of enemies inside the purple ring near both Shrines. Doing so will charge up the Shrines causing them to break. Since there are two Shrines here, you will have to charge and break them up individually.

Breaking those Shrines after following the Blood Trail will reward you with the Token of Pain in the Hall of Torment. Here’s how you can make proper use of it.

What’s the Use of Token of Pain in Halls of Torment

Acquiring the Token of Pain will reduce the health of the Lord of Pain (final boss of level 1). The Lord of Pain is one of the toughest bosses to compete against. And you would probably don’t want to miss a chance of beating him easily. So make sure to follow the Blood Trail and get the Token of Pain.

That’s everything covered about the mystery of Blood Trail and Token of Pain in Halls of Torment. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then we have plenty of useful content stacked up in our Halls of Torment section.