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Elden Ring: How To Beat Bell Bearing Hunter & Tips

Stuck at Bell Bearing Hunter and looking for a way to beat him? Check out this guide to learn that and some tips for it.

Bell Bearing Hunter is an optional boss in Elden Ring. You can fight him at several different locations like Warmaster’s Shack, Church of Vows, Hermit Merchant’s Shack, and Isolated Merchant’s Shack. He also drops a decent chunk of Runes and different Bell Bearings as rewards when defeated. So in this guide let us check how to beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring and some tips for it.

How to Beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring


elden ring how to beat bell bearing hunter

You need to attack the Bell Bearing Hunter after he is done using his combos, then deplete his health to defeat him. These are some of the notable moves he uses in the battle that you should learn about before challenging him.

  • Shield smack and burst: Bell Bearing Hunter will smack his shield on the ground. This attack by itself is dangerous, but sometimes he can follow it up with a burst of energy. This burst attack covers a certain area. So once you see him preparing to smack the shield, roll back to get out of its attack range.
  • 3 slash combo: He most commonly does a three-slash combo. He starts with a right slash, followed by a left backslash and he will finish it with a thrust attack. He can also do variations of this with different 3 slashes but he will almost always attack in a slash-slash-thrust combo.
  • Charged grab: He will charge his hand with red energy and try to grab you. This is a relatively slow attack, once you start seeing his hand begin to glow back away to dodge this attack.
  • Charged slash combo: Sometimes he will charge his sword with red energy and do slash attacks. He is most likely to do it when you run out of his range. He will do that by making his sword float and performing the combo from a distance.
  • Drill charge: He will charge his sword with red energy and rotate it in a drilling motion. Once he is ready he will dash and use it as a thrust attack.


Once you have these moves down dodge them and time your attacks and you will defeat him in no time.

Tips for Bell Bearing Hunter boss fight

  • When this fight starts during his spawn you can land multiple hits before he starts fighting back. If you are quick enough you should at least be able to land three hits. Depending on your weapon you might even land four or more hits.
  • Try breaking his poise. If you time your attacks well you can break his poise and stagger him. Attacking him while he is staggered will chip away even more of his health.
  • The best time to attack him is when he is done with his set of attacks and is preparing for the next. Try attacking him in this window to safely attack him and run away to dodge his next combos.


That covers this guide on how to beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring and some tips for it. If you plan on challenging other optional bosses then check our guides on how to beat Flying Dragon Agheel, Putrid Crystalian, and Astel in this game.