Armored Core 6: Balteus Boss Fight & Best Counter Build

Constantly dying by the barrage of missiles from Balteus in AC6? Here is what you can do to counter this boss.

The main boss of Chapter 1 in Armored Core 6 that you need to beat is Balteus. This is no easy boss and is way harder than the AH12 HC Helicopter. Balteus will test you by making you use everything you learned in the missions so far. It is a true FromSoftware experience because the fight can be frustratingly difficult. From unleashing a barrage of missiles from every direction to launching rockets at your face, this boss has everything to stop you. So here is the best build for you to use in AC6 to counter all moves of Balteus.

How to Beat Balteus in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Defeat Balteus best build moves and counters

To beat Balteus you should first take down its Pulse Armor. This also staggers the boss allowing you to unleash a barrage of your attacks. There are two phases in this fight, the first one is a missile hell, while in the second, Balteus adds a few more attacks.

For this fight, you should use the Assault Armor expansion not to damage it but to chip away its shield. Also, focus on making the most of its stagger by using your melee attacks, kick boosts, and spamming it with every attack in your arsenal. Keep doing this and you should beat it in no time.

Use Assault Armor to Stagger Balteus and Beat it in Armored Core 6

Here is the recommended build you should use to beat it and all its moves and their counters:

Best Build to Defeat Balteus in AC6

Best Build to Beat Balteus in AC6

The build that worked for me was a light build. This allows you to move around faster, while you won’t be able to tank many hits. Balteus’ attacks are of no use if they can never hit you in the first place! The parts I used are as follows:

  • Unit
    • Right Arm: VP-66 LH
    • Left Arm: HI-32: BU-TT/A
    • Right Shoulder: VP-60LCS
    • Left Shoulder: VP-60LCS
  • Frame
    • Head: HD-012 MELANDER C3
    • Core: CC-2000 ORBITER
    • Arms: AC-2000 TOOL ARM
    • Legs: LG-012 MELANDER C3
  • Inner
    • Booster: ALULA/21E
    • FCS: FC-006 ABBOT
    • Generator: VP-20D
  • Expansion
    • Expansion: Assault Armor (Upgraded Once)

Balteus All Moves & Counters

This fight has two phases and it uses the following moves:

Phase 1

  • Missile Barrage: Balteus will always start the fight by unleashing a barrage of missiles. It can either be from both sides or even from all three sides after it adds its front launcher. There isn’t exactly a way to counter it but by mainly moving towards and around it. The further away you are from Balteus the more missiles will hit you, especially if you are standing still.
    Balteus Missile Barrage
  • Frontal Machine Gun: Aside from the missiles, Balteus will often attack you with a machine gun. Just like missiles, to dodge them you need to move away in either direction. Make sure to use quick boosts to create some gaps.
  • Rocket projectile: Often during the fight, Balteus will fire a rocket at you. It starts slow and then gains speed. Wait to see which direction it will try to hit you, and then use quick boosts and dodge to either side. Don’t do it too early because Balteus shoots it by predicting your moves. So there is a good chance you may get hit by it when moved early.Balteus Rocket Launcher

As soon as you deplete half its health back away using quick boosts. Balteus will use its Assault Armor expansion to damage you if you are in its vicinity.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, Balteus will use all of the above moves with two additional attacks.

  • Flame Slash: Balteus has a Melee attack that can quite easily one-shot you especially if you are low on HP. This attack also has quite a lot of range. So either completely get out of its range, or rush and get on the inner side of the attack.
    Balteus Flame Slash
  • Flame Burst: Balteus takes both flame throwers in front of it and unleashes a column of fire at you. You can dodge it while moving to either side, depending on where the attack came from.

Don’t forget to check out our video walkthrough below:

Use the above counters and stats and you will destroy PCA SP autonomous craft Balteus in no time in Armored Core 6. Now that you have completed Chapter 1, check out all combat logs in Infiltrate Grid 086. If you are looking for help on other topics like how to input share ID codes, get all endings, or more then check out our AC6 section.