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Does Back 4 Blood Have Crossplay?

Find out if Back 4 Blood supports Cross Platform as well as Cross Progression features.

Back 4 Blood is another thrilling Co-operative First-Person Zombie Apocalypse game developed by Turtle Rock Studios. Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, an iconic game that kept the fan base alive for Zombie Apocalypse games. Although Back 4 Blood seems like a successor of Left 4 Dead, it is not a part of its series. A game is more fun when you have friends to join you on your adventure as Back 4 Blood allows that by the multiplayer co-op feature. But a question arises – Does Back 4 Blood have crossplay/cross platform feature? Get the answer here.

Is Back 4 Blood Crossplay?


back 4 blood cross platform

Yes, Back 4 Blood has crossplay. Players can play this game on multiple platforms. Your teammates can also join from different platforms like a PC gamer can join the party of a PlayStation player. Since Back 4 Blood is an Online Co-op Multiplayer game, it is a great plus point in having the cross platform feature as both players and developers can benefit, playing or testing. So all you PS, Xbox, and PC players can enjoy playing this game with your friends with no restrictions. If you have any problem connecting to lobbies or servers, I suggest you check out our Disconnected from Server article for Back 4 Blood. If your problem is creating a matchmaking session, you can check this article on how to fix Failed to Create a Matchmaking Session.

Is there Cross-Progression?


If you are wondering whether you can use your account on different platforms while also ensuring that progress carries over, there is no confirmation as of now. On the official BETA FAQ, they have answered that the open beta will have cross-gen and cross-play support. But if that will include cross-progression is something we will find out soon.

Tips and Tricks on Back 4 Blood Gameplay

In Back 4 Blood, you must work with three other teammates to control the Hordes of Riddens (Zombies of the game) with tactical strategies. Working together and manage your ammunition is required in surviving in this game. Also, Back 4 Blood has a Card System that gives you modifiers that will change the feel of each match. You can make multiple builds depending on how you want to play the game. I suggest you check out our guide on the Card System to gain an advantage in your games.


Hopefully, this guide on Back 4 Blood Crossplay has helped you in solving your question. May you lead your squad to victory and slay those Riddens.