How To Create Automated Ore Farm In Palworld

Wondering how to make an automated ore farm in Palworld? Let’s learn the ways through which you can automate ore mining with your pals.

Mining Ores in Palworld can sometimes be a lot more time-consuming than usual. And knowing the importance of resources for crafting different structures and recipes, might have you invested much more than you should be. And while there is no dedicated utility station or a workbench available that will help you mine ores automatically, players can create an automated farm out of their existing structures and different pals.

However, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds which requires setting up a second base in Palworld. That said, the reward of setting up the automated ore mine is worth all the hassle. In this guide, we will explain the process of creating the farm out of your existing utility stations and which pals you should have to mine ores efficiently in the game.

How to Make an Ore Farm in Palworld

Locate Mining Nodes In Palworld
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As mentioned before, there are no dedicated stations available to automate ore mining in Palworld. You will need to set up another base or scrap down your initial one and set it up in the location of mining nodes.

These nodes are found in clusters throughout various locations around the map. After mining them, these will eventually respawn over time in the game. We suggest finding out one of the spawns first and marking the location on the map.

Once done, there are quite a few prerequisites that you will need to complete to build a fully automated mine ore in Palworld. Here are all the structures that you will need to create the farm and things you will need to do:

Capturing Mining Pals

Capture Mining Pals In Palworld
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The very first thing you will need to do after finding the exact mining spot is to capture your mining Pals. These pals specifically will help you mine ores much more quickly because of their work suitability. The pals include Digtoise, Tombat, Dumud, etc in the game.

Tombat specifically will also help you mine ores during the night cycle. Once you have your mining pals, you will need to head towards building the base near the veins. Along with all the mining pals, make sure you carry a Cattiva around, to assign the pink pal to carry the mine ores.

Setup a Palbox & Chest

Set Up Palbox And Chest
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Since setting up another base will require setting up a Palbox, it’s the very first thing you will need to near the mining veins. You will need to make sure you set it up as close to veins as you can. Along with it, you will need to build a chest again as close to the Palbox as possible in the game.

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Build Straw Pal Beds & Feed Box

Build Straw Beds And Feed Box
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Once you have set the Palbox, the next structures you will need are the Straw Pal Beds and Feed Box. These will help your Pals rest during the night and have them fed over time. It is important to keep these to avoid status ailments like depression, overfull, etc in the game. If you want to fully sustain your automated mining ore in Palworld, you will need two more structures namely Berry Plantation and Hot Spring.

Once you have the berry plantation, simply have pals like Mammorest who can sow seeds to make it sustainable. And the hot springs will help your pals rejuvenate and rest.

Fully Automated Ore Mine
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With everything in place, you will need to assign your mining pals to mine ores on the farm while keeping Cattiva to move the ores into the chest. Once assigned, the pals will automatically start working on the farm with the berry plantation and feed box keeping them well-fed and rested.

You can collect the ores from the chest and fast-travel back to your main base. Additionally, you can have Statue of Power to enhance your mining pals in Palworld.

That’s everything covered in this guide. Since carrying all those ores will require a hefty weight capacity, make sure you check out our guide on how to increase carrying capacity in the game. And if you find this guide helpful, be sure to go through our dedicated Palworld section, right here on Gamer Tweak.