How to get Astalos in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Want Astalos asap in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin? This article has info on Astalos Egg location and how to find it.

Want some help to find Astalos Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2? Then this guide is for you, it has steps and locations to find Astalos Eggs. Also, you will learn how strong this monster is. Does having Astalos early in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is useful? Just keep reading to learn everything about Monster Hunter Stories 2 Astalos Monstie.

Where to find Astalos in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

MH Stories 2 Astalos Monster

Astalos is one of the strongest monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2. He can generate high-voltage electricity and also can charge violently with different body parts. Petting an Astalos can give you an edge in the battle, but fighting one is not that simple. First thing is to find Astalos and here is what you have to do.

MH Stories 2 Astalos Location

Astalos will be available at the beginning of the volcanic area. You have to progress playing to unlock the volcanic region – Terga. As you progress you will bump into Astalos. So this monster is kind of unmissable in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Do not forget to carry a Finding Charm. Use a Finding Prayer to locate the Den, and you will find the egg.

It is easier to find Astalos  Eggs in the Volcano Base area with the Finding Charm. You can also encounter this monster in a quest. Look for “A Scrivener’s Fears“, which take you exactly to this electrifying monster. The objective of this quest is to find and slay Astalos. For this, you will have to survey Terga Volcano. Head to Terga Volcano Base Caravan Stand.

This is how you can find Astalos in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Do you want to hunt more monsters, then hit these links – Shakalaka Location, All Monsters List, Velkhana, etc.