Where to find best armors in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Here are some of the best armors in Valhalla like the Draugr Pack, Huntsmen's Armor, and do not miss the secret Bayek's armor location.

Armors in Assassins Creed Valhalla are the core strength of your character. Without decent armor, you cannot deal with enemies in the game. Each armor in Valhalla has five pieces like Cloak, Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest Armor, Weapons, and Shoes – Abilities and Runes are separate. All these pieces are in different locations in AC Valhalla. If you find the helmet in one place then the Gauntlets or Chest Armor are hidden somewhere else. It will take a lot of time to find all pieces of top armor in AC Valhalla. To help you out with this I am going to share the list of best armors in AC Valhalla with the location of each and every piece. Also, I will share how you find those pieces, and later you can combine them in your inventory and build the strongest armor in AC Valhalla.

Which are the best armors in AC Valhalla?

I found four armors to be the best to date. They are not my final list of top armors as I am going to modify this guide further. But if you are just starting with AC Valhalla, then keep an eye on these armor sets.

  1. Mentors Armor: DL – Medium
  2. Thors Armor: DL – Hard
  3. Draugr Pack: DL – Easy
  4. Huntsmen Armor: DL – Medium

DL stands for difficulty level – my ratings on how easy or tough are to get these armors. For example Easy means you can either buy them from the store or unlock them during the first few levels. Every armor is linked to dedicated guides. The article will guide you about unlocking every piece of this best armors.

Since they are the best armors in AC Valhalla, they are either buried somewhere deep in the ground or locked behind a puzzle. Some armors are unlocked after boss fights. Getting armor is one thing, you will have to upgrade every piece to unlocks its max potential.

Armors are linked with passive bonuses, like damage boost, health boost, critical hit chance boost, etc. You can increase this by adding Runes to weapons or armor pieces. It may sound too overwhelming but it’s easy. Click on your Armor or weapon and you will see slots for adding Runes. You can unlock them while completing missions, raiding, or during open-world exploration.

AC Valhalla Armor System:

Each armor consist of different pieces, to get the entire set you have to do more. Each gear has unique stats that focus on building the type of element you need the most. For example, melee, stealth, damage, or speed. Being more specific Valhalla has three types of Armors.

  1. The Way of the Raven – Stealth Bonus
  2. The Way of the Wolf – Archery Bonus
  3. The Way of the Bear – Melee Bonus

Armor pieces that fall under Way of the Raven focus more on Stealth Bonus. They are ideal for entering into distrust zones without getting detected. Way of the Wolf focuses more on range attacks and Way of the Bear is best for combat.

Bonus abilities can be unlocked only if you have all five pieces of the armor. By completing the entire set you can benefit from the additional bonus attached to the armor.

How can I upgrade Armors in Valhalla?

AC Valhalla Armor upgrade is a tiring job. Because you have to upgrade each piece of the armor set. Armor upgrade level is visible in the inventory, depending on the amount of Raw Material you have you can upgrade it regularly. Upgrading armor is of high importance or else you can never win boss fights. Items like Nickel, Carbide, Tungsten, etc can be found while exploration, looting, raids, etc. Raid is the best source of getting Raw Materials in AC Valhalla.

To upgrade armor, visit the blacksmith. You will have to pay him to buy upgrades or else if you have enough raw material you can do that directly from the inventory. Select a gear and press right-click to upgrade. Or else the Blacksmith can be always found in your settlement. Pay him silver to upgrade your armor to mask.

Where can I find materials to upgrade Armors in AC Valhalla?

Valhalla Material Pack

Ingots are the answer. Find Ingots and you get enough materials to maximize your armor strength. Carbide Ingots, Nickel Ingots, and Tungsten Ingots. Chase the blue and golden lights on the map to collect ingots. But there is one shortcut to get raw materials in AC Valhalla.

I am sharing an unlocked Map of England. This map has the location of each and every item you can find in AC Valhalla. Like Gears, Collectibles, Raw Materials, Markets, Traders, etc. Click the link to get the unlocked map, and there are region wise videos also.

Focus on Raids and exploring the buildings or villages in AC Valhalla. Collecting items can be boring, but there is one more way to get a lot of raw materials in one click. That is via the in-game store. You can buy a lot of items from the store, otherwise, exploration is always an option.

So this is how you can find the best armors in AC Valhalla. We are not done yet, the game can’t be compressed in one article. I am sharing with you an index of amazing secrets of Valhalla, refer to this link to know everything about Assassins Creed Valhalla.