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How to Unlock Draugr Armor Set in AC Valhalla?

Draugr Armor is ideal for raids and close combat. In this guide, you can check out how to get every piece of this armor with Helhest Horse.

Draugr Armor Set is the most ghastly looking armor in AC Valhalla. I am going to share details on how to unlock every piece of Draugr Armor along with the grim-looking Helhest horse. Draugr Armor is best for close combat and raids. The armor has five sets that include the Mythical Hammer which comes with a poison bonus. The armor features a mythical heavy shield also as a part of the entire set, which has a passive bonus of melee damage boost. So let’s begin with where to find Draugr Armor in AC Valhalla.

Where can I find Draugr Armor in AC Valhalla?

Draugr Armor is not part of any mission as far as we know. You can unlock it from the store. Draugr Armor Pack cost 2000 Helix Credits in Valhalla. The pack comes with the following items.

  1. Draugr Helm – Mythical Helmet
  2. Draugr Hood – Mythical Hood
  3. Draugr Armor – Mythical Torso
  4. Helhest – Find Mount
  5. Mournful Cry – Mythical Hammer
  6. Hircocervus Scale – Mythical Heavy Shield

The entire Draugr Armor set is available on the in-game store. You will have to spend 2000 Helix Credits to buy this. Helix Credits are not awarded in AC Valhalla, it can be purchased via real money. Want to know how Draugr Armor set looks then check all the images below.

Draugr Helm – Mythical Helmet

Draugr Helm - Mythical Helmet

Draugr Hood – Mythical Hood

Draugr Hood - Mythical Hood

Draugr Armor – Mythical Torso

Draugr Armor - Mythical Torso

Helhest – Find Mount

Helhest - Find Mount

Mournful Cry – Mythical Hammer

Mournful Cry - Mythical Hammer

Hircocervus Scale – Mythical Heavy Shield

Hircocervus Scale - Mythical Heavy Shield

Draugar Armor Pack bonus: If you had managed to get the entire set of Draugr pack then you will get an additional bonus. By adding all the five pieces you can unlock attack, speed, and stun.

  • Increase Attack when hitting a poisoned enemy.
  • Additional increase to Speed and Stun.

The following are the two bonuses you will unlock after getting all the sets. I will update you soon with the info on whether AC Valhalla has a Draugr Pack hidden under missions or secret locations. For more armors unlock you can try our AC Valhalla Wiki. We have added a lot of weapons and armor unlock locations in it.