How to find all pieces of Huntsman Armor AC Valhalla – More Speed & Ranged Damage

Huntsman Armor can be unlocked early in the game. Pieces of this armor set are located in low power level area. It brings boosted ranged damage and speed.

Huntsman Armor is located in Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire. It is one of the best starting armor to unlock first in AC Valhalla. I am going to share everything in detail on how to unlock the Huntsman Armor and find all five pieces to complete this armor set for unlocking the passive bonus. You can later upgrade this to increase its power level, what matters is the additional bonus. A complete set boost ranged damage and speed.

Where can I find Huntsman Armor in AC Valhalla?

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 1 Location1

First piece of Huntsman Armor the chest armor is located at the south end of Grantebridgescire. The nearest fast travel point is Meldeburne (Black Peak). Walk all the way south towards the river and stop at Ravensburg. At the exact spot as marked on the map above, you will find a settlement. Place with lots of houses, press V to scan the area, and locate a house with a locked door. You will find the first piece of Huntsman Armor. You can unlock an ability at the same location. Rash and Bash – you can run towards an enemy and press 1 to grab and throw him away.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 2 Location

The second piece is Huntsman Breeches. It is located on Soham Hideout, an island on the west of Grantebridgescire. Search for an area with big huts, use the scan feature to locate the chest. It is inside a house and be ready to deal with some bandits.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 2 Location

The exact house which has the armor is in the above image. It is a marshy area and it is a power level 20 area. You will not face any major issue in grabbing the second piece of Huntsman Armor. Remember to scan the area, and look for the exact same house as shown in the image above.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 3 Location

The third piece the gauntlet is located in a hidden cave behind the waterfall. The area is simple to locate, just find debris of broken construction half-submerged in the river. There is a single waterfall in the region, swim behind that and you will find a hidden cave. Jump into the pond behind the waterfall and swim all the way to the other side. You will see the hidden chest which has the gauntlet. The third piece of armor – Huntsman Vambraces.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 4 Location

For the fourth piece of Huntsman Armor go to Ledecestrescire. On the west of this region look for Tonnastadir. It is on the North of Lyftmere’s Pond. Before getting the armor piece you will have to find the access key. Go inside the massive hotel type place on the hill where you will find some people having their lunch.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 4 Location

The access key is located on the left corner of this building, grab the key, and exit the building. On the right corner walk towards the last status and look on the right for a restricted zone. An entrance to an underground mine. You will find the fourth piece of armor – Huntsman Helm in the chest at the end of this cave. Also, there is an ability Raven Distraction in the same place.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 5 Location

For the last and final piece of Huntsman Armor, you will have to travel to the north corner of Ledecestrescire. A place built on the water and it is a restricted zone.

AV Valhalla Huntsmen's Armor Piece 5 Location

The last house has a hidden underground room. Use the arrows to break the ropes and jump down. Here you will find the final piece of armor which is the Huntsman cloak.

You have now collected all the five pieces of Huntsman Armor. The entire set offers you the following two passive bonuses.

  • Increase Ranged Damage when hitting enemies further than 20m away.
  • An additional increase to Speed.

Huntsman Armor in Valhalla is a good one to start with. The problem is that it’s located in certain zones that have a high power level of enemies. For example the last one, instead of calling a Raid go stealth. Use F to stealth kill enemies to raise an alert. Grab your armor and get out. If you want to unlock more armors in Assassins Creed Valhalla check the Best Armor Guide, or if you are looking for more then check the Valhalla Wiki guide.