AC Valhalla England Collectibles Guide – Full Map Unlocked

Complete Valhalla unlocked map with every collectible location.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has two primary regions – Norway and England. Norway is small and can be covered in the prologue, while England is the place where the real game begins. It is a massive region with icy mountains to forest and dense settlements. There are tons of hidden secrets in England and to find each and every collectible you will need a fully unlocked Map. In this article, you can find all those items location easily. I am going to share videos of complete England with each and every collectible on it along with Region Wise Unlocked Map of England.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All Collectibles Locations

Before we begin with the map location, you must know the Legends. Details about every marker on the map what it means and what you can do there. For example, a bird map marker means point of synchronization. Interacting with this point unlock Fast Travel points as well reveals the hidden area of the map.

Player and Story Map Marker:Valhalla Map Marker

If you see any of these markers on the map then it is linked to the player or to the game story. For example the green error indicate your default location on the map. Quest Objectives marker are the main missions. You can also checkout settlement where you can groom your character or follow a Order of the Ancient Target.

Exploration Markers:

Valhalla Exploration Marker

The Exploration part is the biggest one in Valhalla. It has a lot of markers that leads to collectibles. And this guide is all about getting all collectibles items in the game. Focus on High Points first, when you interact with one it reveals the hidden area of the map. High Points are important to cover first, they also reveal hidden wealth and items location. Using these map markers you can locate Legendary Animals, Secret Entrance, Anomalies, and lot more. If you had not played any Animus Anomalies puzzle then check the video below.

Services & Misc Markers:

Valhalla Services Marker

Under the services you can locate Traders. You can exchange items to get some money that can be later used to buy Abilities. For example Horse Swim ability, which can allow your horse to swim in waters. The same money can be used for different purpose, there is a Stable marker also. You can upgrade and unlock new abilities for your mount from here. You can also play Drinking Challenge or visit a Market. Under Misc you can find markers for capturing Community Photos. Personal Photo allows you to capture photo of your character in different sceneries. These are all the map legends the important to focus on is Gears, Abilities, Ingots, Fast Travel points, etc. Now I am going to share a fully unlocked Map of England, that has location of each and every collectible of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Also this guide has region-wise map videos, if you are scanning a specific region click on the region for its unlocked map.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Full Map:

The video above has complete map of England. You can see location of each and every collectible on it. If you are looking for a specific gear, or a legendary animal you can watch the video till the end to know more. But if you are looking for a specific location like Lunden, then we also have a region wise unlocked map.

Cent – Suggested Power: 130

Suthsexe – Suggested Power: 160

Hamtunscire – Suggested Power: 340

Lunden – Suggested Power: 90

Glowecestrescire – Suggested Power: 220

Oxenefordscire – Suggested Power: 90

Essexe – Suggested Power: 160

Grantebridgescire – Suggested Power: 20

East Anglia – Suggested Power: 55

Scripoescire – Suggested Power: 130

Ledecestrescire – Suggested Power: 20

Lincolnscire – Suggested Power: 160

Snotinghamscire – Suggested Power: 250

Eurvicscire – Suggested Power: 190

Jorvik – Suggested Power: 190

That was all the collectibles location in AC Valhalla. We are covering more such guides and there is one shortcut to get all the tips instantly. Visit our Assassins Creed Valhalla Wiki guide to know more.