Ashot Double Barrel Pistol Location – Metro Exodus Sam’s Story Weapon Guide

A powerful and reliable weapon

Metro Exodus Sam’s Story has some really cool weapons and one of them in Ashot Double Barrel pistol. You cannot just ignore this weapon and it is extremely easy to find. So if you are struggling to find Ashot in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story, then here is a walkthrough for you. This pistol is dropped by an enemy if you play in stealth then without attracting a problem you can unlock Ashot and upgrade it in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story.

How to unlock Ashot Double Barrel Pistol in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story?

After talking to Tom at the submarine he will assign you a task. This new objective is marked on the map in the form of a white circled X marker. Ashot Pistol is located in a building near the objective marker. Before you drive on your way you can unlock Night Vision, Carrier Vest Double Stock Upgrade and Universal Detector gadget that will help you in finding objects.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Ashot Pistol

While driving your boat toward the next main mission, turn right after crossing the half-submerged statue. There is a building on the right with a damaged truck. Do to walk towards the main entrance, go to the right and continue walking through the bushes. Watch for mines.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Ashot Pistol

There is a toilet with no door at the right of the building. Sneak quietly because there is also a guard inside. Kill him using stealth and grab Ashot Pistol from his body. When you kill him from behind he will fall into the hole in the ground, you can use Distraction here if you are unable to sneak from behind. Open the Crafting Menu and from the Barrel section apply Double Barrel to increase Damage and Rate of Fire. You can only use two ammo, that will require a constant reload. But if you keep on scavenging items you can upgrade it for better.

This is how you can unlock Ashot double barrel pistol in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.