How to Unlock Universal Detector In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

By Raaj
4 Min Read

In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC you can unlock Universal Detector. A useful gadget that can help you to detect Mines, Traps, and Dangers from a safe distance. You will really need this important gadget, and it is quite easy to unlock. Universal Detector in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC will help you to get locations of traps, as well it will guide you towards unique weapons and upgrade. So it is quite important that you unlock this gadget and equip this first in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

Where to find Universal Detector In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story?

Universal Detector is a free gadget that is unlocked when you reach Submarine and meet the owner Tom. He is a kind of weapon dealer who controls the region and asks Sam to complete a task. After accepting it Tom will ask you to visit the Shooting Range where you will meet the Mechanic. He will give you the Universal Detector gadget as well as a brand new rifle. Visit the local on the right to grab some ammo.

You will unlock the Universal Detector at the crafting gable which in the same room. After equipping, the device will ping the location on your wrist in the form of green light. It will war with an beep sound before reaching any trap or danger. It is an very useful gadget in the game.

How to unlock McCoy a.45 pistol in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story?

You will also unlock McCoy a.45 pistol in the shooting range. Just grab it from the crate. Practice the same and then it is time to visit the workbench which is located on the right of the local who will give you ammo. Practice shooting for two to three times and the local will reward you with Assault Rifle Incendiary Ammo.

How to unlock Crafting and Equip Universal Detector in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story?

On the right of the area from where you got free ammo, there is a bench. Visit the workbench to unlock crafting. There are three options in the crafting menu, one to craft medkits, explosive and ammo. Second to upgrade your weapons and third to upgrade your character by adding Gas Mask, wear a Vest and more. To equip Universal Detector go to the Vest section in Crafting Menu and then scroll down to the last option which has two gadgets Bracer and Universal Detector. No crafting is required.

  1. Bracer: Protect you from animal attacks and serve as a convenient mount for additional survival facilitating devices.
  2. Universal Detector: Capable of locating Mines, Traps and other dangers from a safe distance provide accurate direction towards them. It can also locate other objects, like unique weapons and upgrades.

So this is how you can unlock crafting and universal detector gadget in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.