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How to Unlock Night Vision In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

Free Binocular upgrade

You will need to the night vision while scanning dark corners in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC. It is a free upgrade in the game but finding it is little tough. Many items, ammo, and upgrades are located in various rooms and corners. Whenever you are traveling to any place in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC, try scavenging the rooms and dead bodies. You get weapons, upgrades, etc. One thing that will help you in finding night vision in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC is Universal Detector. A simple gadget that will help you to locate enemies, traps, items, upgrades, etc. Read our guide How To Unlock Universal Detector to know more. And if you had already unlocked it then let’s begin with Night Vision location in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

Where to find Night Vision in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC?

You will get a boat after talking to Tom in the submarine. He will assign you a job of locating and stopping the Captain. While on your way there are many flooded houses around, in one of the houses you will find Night Vision. But remember there are many mutants, as well with the help of Universal Detector you can find new weapons and items for crafting. Follow the below map location.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Night Vision

Not far from the submarine you will come across a building, check the below image to know how it looks. Enter this and hop on the right, and go all the way to the top floor. There will be some mutants in your way.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Night Vision

Look for a wall clock at the dead end, there is a blue door on its left at the top floor. Unlock this door and on your left, this is a room entrance blocked by cabinets. You can slide in by press E. Inside there is a mutant wearing a helmet, kill him and grab the Night Vision upgrade for your helmet. And do not forget to scan the skeleton, there are of a lot of items to grab.

Pro Tip: If you keep checking all the rooms of this building on the outer side near a window you will find Sammy Automatic Rifle upgrade. With Ammo upgrade the weapon is the good automatic rifle. To find the rifle jump down into the water inside the house and follow the wooden blogs near the big window. Walk over them and crouch to cross a small entrance, follow the stairs on left and look near the wall to collect the upgrade.

The Night Vision will allow you to see in dark corners, sometimes holds medkits, Ammos and crafting items. So this is how you can unlock the helmet upgrade in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.