Apex Legends Loba Guide – Seasons 5 Advance Tips and Tricks

Some advance tips that will help you in combat

Apex Legends Season 5’s new legend Loba brings some fresh power in the game. If you are unable to utilize her abilities in the combat then here are some Apex Legends advance tips you must know. I am going to break down Loba’s power and share with you how you can utilize them in combat. The Jump Drive sounds cool, but what if you are unable to pull the trigger at the right moment. There is no shortcut in Apex Legends to rule the leader board, its all-out a teamwork and strategy. If you are playing solo or in a group certain things you must learn or your rankings will crash

Apex Legends Advance Tips and Tricks – Season 5 How to use Loba Guide?

Loba can be tricky for someone, driven by revenge she is a smart yet cunning legend in the game. Unforgivable and an elite thief, Loba powers are better compared to other Legends but only if you can get a good grip on the character. So here are some advanced tips you can try out.

Do not change to other Legend if you started as Loba:

Play as Loba for some hours unless you are used to her abilities. If you do not know how her powers work you cannot use them for your benefit. For example the teleportation ability. You can teleport your self without opening doors, to avoid any unnecessary attack from opponents. All you need is to practice to be quick in setting the landing point. That’s it stay behind the door or covers and you will be pulled out in a fraction of second. If you are finding it tough to use the ability to keep practicing them.

How to effectively use the Teleportation ability?


Abilities are assigned to keys, learn them first. If you accidentally pulled out the bracelet learn to cancel it. On PC you can press the middle click to cancel if you change your mind. After pulling out the bracelet there are two lines, blue and orange. These two lines let you plan your landing spot. The most efficient way to use this power is by learning to precisely plan the arrow on the landing spot. If you just randomly jumping anywhere this ability is a complete waste. You can land over the target, behind them, or right in the front. So setting up the projectile is highly important the orange line will give you the market of the exact location you will land. While the blue marker is to cover short distances.

  • Learn the basic controls. Sometime its buggy.
  • The ability has 30 second cool down period, do not waste it.
  • After throwing the bracelet do not stand in one place if you are spotted by the enemy. Keep playing and switching your places.
  • You can cancel in mid-air and land immediately. Just press the cancel key if you do not want to land on the chosen spot.
  • Always be fast in selecting a spot, one with a cover.
  • You can use the ability to land on high places while on Zipline.
  • You can also land in jump pads if you plan to crash into a group of players. This will slow them down and you can start shooting.

Locating Legendary Resources?

Loba’s passive ability Eye for Quality allows her to spot the loots first. But there is one problem the loots are displayed in the form of a dot on the screen. You don’t know whether it is an orange or purple loot. You can use a sniper to zoom in on the dot and you will see the color code of the loot. So if it is purple you fight your way to reach the spot and if it is a basic loot you can ignore it. Loba can ping her team about the rare loot instantly after finding it.

Looting Care Packages?

Apex Legends Loba's Staff

Loba’s Ultimate Ability Black Market Boutique allows her to steal items from nearby loot. She can then pull out those items from the staff and share it with her team. So when you spot a care package do not jump in to unlock it. Wait for a while, because many players are chasing it. If you find any opponents nearby let him open it and then shoot. Deploy the Ultimate and all golden items will be transferred to the boutique. This is the quickest way to grab loot without getting noticed.

Following the above tips will help you to effectively utilize Loba’s ability in Apex Legends Season 5. Check this link if you want to know more about other Legends in Apex Legends.