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Does Loba’s Teleport Have A Bug? Apex Legends Developer Answers

There's a glitch in Loba's teleportation

Since the launch of Apex Legends Season 5, Loba has been the most talked about character. Her unique abilities and interesting backstory have been the focus points of this new update. One of the mainly talking points has been her Jump Drive bracelet which can teleport her from one place to another.

Although this new ability is absolutely wonderful and stunning to execute, it is not without some bugs. A reddit user has found out that Loba’s teleport does not work sometimes. Take a look at what they tried out:

PSA: Do NOT try to recreate the Loba play from the trailer. from apexlegends

To this, Respawn Games developers replied the following:

Ah yes… If the tactical is thrown, and then Loba herself hits a slip trigger, the tactical will fail even though it hit a valid surface. Some of the triggers have a designated slip direction. Helpful for cliffs (we want you to slip off the cliff, not get slipstuck in a nook), or flat surfaces as mentioned!

There are plans to fix this issue in an upcoming update, so keep an eye out for that. Apex Legends Season 5 released on 12th May 2020 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.