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How To Play As Loba in Apex Legends (Abilities Guide)

Make the most of Loba's abilities

Apex Legends season 5 has introduced all of us to the kickass new Legend, Loba. A trailer was recently released where Loba’s special ability was shown. Check out our guide to know what’s different in Loba.

In a nutshell, she’s the perfect combination of glamor and danger. This notorious thief has arrived with style, jam-packed with some special abilities. It’s important to understand how to play as Loba so that her unique abilities turn out to be super useful to you.

Apex Legends Season 5 Loba Guide

Let’s get to know Loba a little bit better with her character’s story.

Loba’s Backstory

Loba Andrade is a High Society Thief whose parents have been murdered by Revenant. Losing her parents as a child caused grave trauma to Loba who then decided to take matters in her own hands. She became a thief, a pickpocket and slowly improved her skills.

After she stole a jump drive from a facility that was practically impossible to penetrate into, she gained an ability to teleport with this tech. This incident was game-changing for her and opened up a whole new world of items for her to loot. Amidst all her stealing, she is also out to avenge the death of her parents and finally kill Revenant.


How to Use Loba’s Abilities (Tips for Playing as Loba)

Take a look at Loba’s abilities, find out Loba combat tips and the best strategies to use.

Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend


In order to teleport to places that might be hard to reach, just throw your Jump Drive bracelet. Use this ability to get away from a dangerous situation or to head into one. There is a 1.5 second delay of the animation of her taking her bracelet off and wearing it again. Be careful during this time because you cannot fire your weapon to protect yourself.

Another thing to remember is that since the Jump Drive bracelet leaves a trail behind, enemies can easily pinpoint where Loba will land. To combat this, you can activate this ability early on. You can also trick enemies by activating this ability while the bracelet is midair. At that moment, the bracelet will drop and you will end up on that location.

According to a reddit post, a new trick that has been revealed is that you can get boosted horizontally if you throw the bracelet on a Launchpad. Yet another tip from Reddit is that if your opponent is Loba and you melee her while she is waiting for the bracelet to drop, you will be teleported with her when she does. So, go ahead and give these tips a whirl in the game.

Try using this tech only when required because if poorly used, it becomes more of a disadvantage than advantage. You can use it to flank enemies or target areas that might be otherwise difficult to reach. But again, be careful because there is no way to avoid the animation of Loba wearing the bracelet back again, so don’t land right in front of enemies after teleporting.

Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

Loba has a good eye for quality and is able to see Epic and Legendary loot located nearby. She can see it through walls, obstacles and also loot boxes. Loba can see items at a max distance of 10 meters but you can enhance this to 50 meters by using a sniper scope. This ability will come very handy when you want to avoid wasting time going into places where the loot is low-tier. You can utilize this ability to find the best high-tier loot in the fastest way possible.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique


Loba’s Ultimate Ability when used with her Passive Ability will give you some amazing results. In her Ult Ability, you can place a staff that will teleport the loot that’s close, straight to your inventory. Make sure to use this ability when there is high-quality loot nearby instead of wasting it on low-tier loot. Use her Passive Ability along with it to ensure that this goes smoothly and as you planned.

Loba’s Black Market Boutique is a fantastic way to gather loot without much effort, but remember that the opponents can do the same. Once activated, Loba’s staff will search for items which will end up levitating, signalling others that you are using it. Even for enemies, the rule of ‘only two items per person’ applies. So, be aware of this to ensure that your enemies don’t end up grabbing your loot. Use it wisely because it as a 5 second deployment time, an 80 meter radius and a 175 second charge time. If enemies do attack you while you are using your staff, it can also act as a shield and give you some protection. Don’t completely rely on it, though.

So these were some useful tips for playing as Loba and how you can use her abilities to give you an edge in the game. Check out our Apex Legends guides for more such interesting tricks.