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Apex Legends Caustic Buff Season 10 Updates

Learn about all the new and improved stats for Caustic in Apex Legends Season 10.

The new Apex Legends Season 10 will see the introduction to new stat buffs for characters such as Caustic. The other character to get the same treatment is Fuse. However, Caustic sees the influx of some much-needed stat updates. This has been a very long coming update and it is finally here in all its glory. So, scroll down and learn about all the new Stat Buffs for Caustic.

What are the new stat buffs for Caustic in the Apex Legends Season 10 Update?

Apex Legends Caustic Buff

  • The Toxic Gas will now dissipate five seconds prior than before. This will decrease the effectiveness of the gas grenade as it will reduce the duration for the same.
  • However, to offset this, the damage for the Toxic Gas will increase with time. The damage starts at 5 and will increase by 1 for every second that passes. As players spend more time in the cloud, they will recieve even more damage than before.
  • So, basically with the new Apex Legends Season 10 Stat Buff updates for Caustic, you will be able to deal even more damage than before.

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Now, the ultimate attacks will become even more influential. However, you will also have to time the attack properly. This is because the duration of the ult has gone down. And 5 seconds is a big difference in the game. So, make sure you have your enemies cornered in the game before you perform this attack. Also, make sure that they have no escape route so that you can stop them from escaping.

This is everything you need to know about all the new stat buffs that you can get for Caustic in the new Apex Legends Season 10 Update. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Change FOV & Sensitivity From Valorant To Apex Legends.