Do You Have To Watch The Anime & Read Manga Before Playing One Piece Odyssey?

Wondering if you have to watch the Anime Before playing One Piece Odyssey? Here's our guide on it.

The famous Manga and anime series One Piece is finally released as a JRPG owing to Bandai Namco Entertainment. Fans can now explore the journey of the King of the Pirates through the adventures in this game along with the other Straw Hats. However, one question that is bugging many gamers is, do they have to watch the anime or read the manga before playing One Piece Odyssey. This question is common and understandable since the entire game is based on the anime series and the manga. Since you are here for the same, we recommend you read below to get the answer.

Should I Watch the Anime & Manga Before Playing One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey Do I Have To Read Manga or Watch Anime Before Playing

Players who are already fans of the series and the manga will already know about a major chunk of the game. One Piece storyline has multiple legendary arcs that have made Luffy’s journey along with the others truly an epic one. And many of these arcs like Marineford, and Dressrora among others are available through Luffy’s memories. You can actually go to these arcs with all the Straw Hats and relive them.

So to answer do you have to watch the Anime & Manga before playing One Piece Odyssey, would be a yes. Although it is not a compulsion and you would still be able to play the game. However, we do recommend that you watch it at least till the Dressrora arc which ends around episode 746. You can also catch up on the manga to chapter 801.

If you have neither read the manga nor watched the anime series, you won’t truly be able to connect with the characters in One Piece Odyssey. Additionally, having prior knowledge means you won’t be confused while playing the game. Also knowing a certain back story means you will be able to appreciate the adventure that you will go on.

That’s all there is on if you have to watch the anime or read the manga before playing One Piece Odyssey. We cover more guides on One Piece Odyssey so do check them out right here at Gamer Tweak.