Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks

By Raaj
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Animal Crossing New Horizons brings amazing new features where you can do a lot of things. You can build your island from scratch, craft new tools, etc. So if you are new to Animal Crossing New Horizons then here are some beginners tips you can use before you start playing the game. Animal Crossing New Horizons takes you to Nook Island from where you can start your journey. Starting a new life the game brings a lot of new features and amazing things to try on. So let’s begin with the Animal Crossing New Horizons beginners guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginners Guide

This beginngers guide has various important tips and tricks that will help you to play the game and enjoy it.

How to Save Game:

By default your progress autosaves, but still, if you want to save the game manually then you just have to press “-” to Save and end. You can access this from the game menu and it will be saved. So if you want to save your game is Animal Crossing New Horizons just open the menu and select save and end. Or else if you reach a checkpoint it will be saved automatically.

Nintendo Switch Controls:

If you are new to controls then here are all Switch controls to play Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • Move – Left Stick
  • Run – B
  • Pick up item – Y
  • Inventory – X
  • Nook Phone – ZL
  • Write Message – R
  • Right Stick – Change Camera
  • D-pad Right and Left – Change Tool
  • D-pad Down – Unequip Tool or Enter Design Mode
  • D-pad Up – Tool Ring

Selecting the Right Island:

You will be given a choice to pick an island at the start of Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is necessary to pick one where you can get everything. Avoid picking an island where you have to cross the river because at the start of the game you are not allowed to do that. Usually, all islands have similar features but try to pick one which gives you enough land and rivers connected. So here the first two layouts seem simple enough, to begin with. You cannot change the island later so pick anyone from the first two and later you will be customizing it.

Which is the best hemisphere?

You will have to select one from the North and South Hemisphere to play the game. Once you select you cannot change it later on, both reasons are different. So here is a guide that can help you to understand which is the best hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to break Rock:

You will need two things to break rocks, one is a Stone AXE and the second is Fruit. Once you have both the things eat the fruit and walk near the rock you want to break Press A. After breaking the rock when you see the top right part of the screen the fruit consumption will turn to 0. To break another rock you will have to eat it again. Breaking rocks in Animal Crossing New Horizons will give you a few items. You can get Bells, Iron Nuggets, etc. Breaking rocks will also give you empty space where you can build structures.

Shake Trees to collect resources:

Shaking trees is quite an old thing in Animal Crossing New Horizon Shake trees and collects fruits, branches, etc. Always shake a tree first to get extra resources like fruits and then cut it down. You can eat one fruit and simply use the shovel to pull the entire tree out of the ground. But what for hornet nest, if you are bitten you will faint unless you consume a medicine.

How to cut Trees:

You will have to hit a tree three times to cut it down. Once cut it will not grow back. So it is necessary to cut down only when required. If you need space for something else then go for cutting down or else leave it.  There are also tree stumps in the region. You can remove them using a shovel. Just walk near them and press A.

Where to find Tree Branches?

Tree Branches are necessary for crafting. To get you will need to first find trees. They usually fall off the trees and you can collect them. Just walk near the tree and press Y. A tree branch will be added to your inventory. Collecting 10 Tree branches will allow you to build a campfire. You will be helping Tom. Another way to get tree branches is to shake the tree. Just walk near them and press A. Tree branches will drop, but there are chances that you might also disturb a wasp in the process. So this is how you can get tree branches in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Tree branches can be used for crafting fishing rod, and to build a campfire.

What to do if a Wasp bites you?

While shaking the tree to get some tree branches there are chances you might get stung by a wasp in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You will need medicine after getting stung. To get medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will need to talk to a fellow islander. Find one after getting stung by a wasp and the dialogue will trigger a medicine recipe. You will need three Clumps of Weeds and 1 Wasp nest to craft medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Press X to open the pocket inventory and consume the medicine. And next time watch out, if you are stung twice you will faint. Always carry some medicines in your pocket.

How To Catch Tarantulas?

Tarantulas can reward you with a decent amount of money in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can get around 8000 Bells for catching a Tarantula. So here is how you can catch one. The first thing Tarantulas only comes in the night. You will need a net in order to catch them. Walk around in the night and if you find one then walk slowly near the Tarantula. Press A while you are near and take care that it does not bite you. To protect itself the Tarantula will raise its front leg. Try to catch him only if the spider moves his legs down. Hold A walk near the spider and then release A to catch it. 

If you are able to grab it you can sell it for 8000 Bells. If by chance a Tarantula bites you will faint and return back to your home. You will not lose anything but the spider will run away. One bite of Tarantula will be equal to Two Wasp stings.

How to increase Pocket Inventory Size?

To carry more items in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will have to buy Pocket Organization Guide by paying 5000 Nook Miles. When you purchase it the inventory size will grow and it will help you to carry more items. To purchase Pocket Organization Guide visit Nook Stop in Residential services. You will need Nook Miles+ membership to buy it.

Check your Nook Phone for new activities?

Always check your Nook Phone before sleeping to check out new activities. You can also customize your character doing, take a selfie and do a lot of things through your mobile phone.

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